How to Invoke Spirits for Spells

Spirits for Spells

In Wicca, Voodoo, Shamanism and other kinds of magical practices, people will often call on the spirits and the gods and goddesses to help them. This can be an easy thing, but you can also make it hard. There are different traditions in how people call the spirits and as you learn about what kind of magic you want to do; you will see what works the best for your magic.

Invoking Spirits

Invoking spirits means that you call on the spirits to come and help you. This can be a prayer, a chant or something that calls on the different gods, goddesses, and other spiritual beings. You do this because you need the spirit to help you or protect you when you are doing a spell.

You can ask the spirits to help you with something or you can ask them to help you make your wish come true. You can also ask them to help you with someone else. There are some things that you need to do such as write things down or speak certain words.


When a person gets possessed, they can draw the spirit into their own body. This is also called aspecting and is done to get closer to a spirit. This doesn’t mean that you are demon possessed.

This is a positive way that you can call on the spirits and that they can help you. This is sometimes done in Wicca and in Pagan practices. This is different than invocation which is called evocation and means that you are asking the spirit to go to a different location than you are at.

Wiccans will use this kind of invocation in pairs with one person doing the invocation while the other person is being the spiritual vessel. The person that is the vessel can ask the spirit and might not ever remember that they did this. You can use your imagination to call the spirits to come to you. This doesn’t use words but instead uses images.


You can ask the spirits to come to you through conjuration. This means you give the spirit a command. This is a way that you can ask the spirit to come to you or you will just the spirit. There are different things that you need to recite to have power over the spirit to make it do what you want. This is often done in Voodoo, Obeah and Santeria magic.

You can identify with the spirit, and this happens when you take on the same qualities that the spirit has that you are calling to you can do this such as being ferocious like the spirit called Kali. When you do this, the spirit will come to you. This isn’t possession because it is less controlled and means more that you identify with the spirit. You are then part of the spirit and part of who you are.

Picking the Right Invocation

You need to decide what kind of invocation you want to use. You can ask a spirit to come to you and thank it for helping you. You can use the power of a spirit to make your spells successful. You can collect what you need to use invocation and then you need to have something to say. You can right the recitation yourself or you can find them in books or online. Do whatever gives you power with the spirits around you.

Starting Invoking Spirits

Once you hear a phrase and you want to use it to invoke the spirits, some think these are evil spirits, but they aren’t always. You can find peaceful and good spirits to call on. This can be done by chanting and by being peaceful.

You can talk to the spirits, and you can ask them to come to your life and help you with each thing you do every day.

You can invoke the spirits when you do spell work. This can be a god or goddess, or it can be another spirit. Don’t try to invoke a spirit that doesn’t want to be summoned. When this happens, consider talking to a higher frequency entity that is at a higher vibration. Make sure you are prepared for this.

Why Use Distinct Purpose?

People that start spell casting often think that they don’t have anything to worry about. But you need to make sure you are confident but that you are also summoning the Patron. This means you have to have a real purpose in mind and know what you want with the spirit. Focus on this.

A Patron will listen when it has attention to your presence. If it wants to give you attention, it will. It will answer questions and it will influence whatever is going on in your spell.

Invoking Spirits Ritual

Before you start any ritual, you need to make sure that you are cleansed in your own spirit. Meditate before you start. You might want to do a ritual for a different reason but make sure that you know why. Some will do this for money, guidance, love, and other things.

The first thing that you need to do is to pray for guidance. Ask the spirit to help you and always show them kindness and thankfulness.

Protect Yourself

Make sure that you ask the spirits to protect you from evil spirits and that you ask to be covered by a white light. Use your mind to make this white light cover you. Be kind and loving when you do this and imagine the light totally covering and protecting you.

You can take 40 candles and put them around you in a circle and this will protect you from evil spirits. Sit in the circle and say, “As I stand before you, please bless me and give me wisdom. Give me access to the spiritual world so that I can talk to you. Keep me safe as I enter and ask you questions. Let white light surround me and protect me while you guide me.”

After you do that, ask the spirit whatever you want to ask them.

Ending the Ritual

Once you are done and you get the answers you are seeking, the candles should keep burning until they go out on their own. Go out and dispose of them and never use them again.

Easy Spirit Invoking Spell

Everyone might need to invoke a spirit one time or another. There are different names that you can call on and some will call on their angels, their spirit guides, or other spirits. The spirits will show them if they are ready and if they want to be received.

If you feel that you need to ask the spirit for help, you can cast the Spirit Invocation Spell to get them to talk to you before you start. Do this spell on a Wednesday or during the Full or Dark Moon.

Ingredients for Easy Spirit Invoking Spell

  • A gift for the spirit such as tobacco, drink, food or whatever you choose.
  • White candle.
  • Smudge stick.
  • 1 cup of salt.

Casting an Easy Spirit Invoking Spell

Make sure that you have no negative energies around you when you start this spell. Take a cleansing bag and add salt to the water. Bath for at least 20 minutes and then dry off and put on something clean and comfortable.

Cast your circles and ask the quarters to bless you. Light the sage and get rid of anything negative around you. Leave the sage burning.

Put the candle in the holder and put the gifts for the spirits around. Close your eyes and focus on inviting the spirits and being welcoming. Light the candles and say, “Spirit guide, I wait on you. My heart and mind is open. Spirit guide, I ask you with open hands and a spirit that is willing. Spirit guide, I come with gifts to show you honor and welcome you here. Spirit guide, please come to me and share your wisdom and guide me.”

Take time to listen and be quiet until you get the blessings that you need. Then release them and close the circle. Pay attention to any signs or images that you might get in your dreams or around you.

Invoking Ancestors

You can do the same thing with your ancestors, and you can ask them to wake you up when you are sleeping. When you wake them, you can ask them questions that you have had for a while. Never invoke an evil spirit because this can be dangerous, especially if you are new to doing this.

Warning of Invoking Spirits

No matter what you want to ask the spiritual world, you need to use caution when you are invoking. You need to make sure that you don’t rush and that you are knowledgeable about what you are doing. This can help you to avoid problems. You will face consequences if you do this wrong.


Even if you don’t believe in the devil, the devil believes in you. You have a patron that you belong to even if you don’t believe it. Everyone has to go somewhere when they die and there are two ways to summon your Patron:

  • Talk to them in your head or out loud. Tell them what you are thinking and what you are focusing on.
  • Have a ritual for your Patrion that you want to come to you.


  • Summoning can happen when you recognize a Patron’s favorite thing.
  • Trust your intuition. It can be hard to follow invoking a spirit if you aren’t listening to your intuition. Make sure that your psychic site is developed and that you are able to have a strong gut reaction that you trust before you ever start doing this.