How to Cast Working Love Spells

Cast Working Love Spells

People have looked down on witchcraft and seen it as evil and satanic but in recent years, people have learned to accept and even love the idea behind spellcasting. Witches have been known to have a bad reputation and even in the past there were witch hunts to get rid of witches.

With the casting of different magical movies and shows, people have begun to like the idea of witches, spells and magic. One of the pagan religions, Wicca, teach people magic and nature. It works with magic but not with the kind where people fight demons like is often seen on television, but more with spells.

Love spells are one of the most known kinds of spells and the spells come with different ingredients such as different potions, different objects and even different savings. If you want to do a love spell, here are some of the most popular ones:

Honey Jar Spells

Here are the ingredients:

  • Jar of honey.
  • Pink candle.
  • No ingredients.
  • Pictures.

What is a Honey Jar Spell?

One of the most known love spells is the honey jar spell. This is used so that people can make a better connection with their partner or with others. The spell is for people that are already in a steady relationship to bring them closer together.

This uses the name honey jar because it is to make the relationship sweet. This spell works with two people to bring intimacy and affection between them.

Casting a Honey Jar Spell

Here is how to cast a honey jar spell:

  • Put the name of your partner on a piece of paper and write it three times.
  • Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your own name so that it overlaps the other person’s name.
  • Focus on the spell, closing your eyes and thinking about what you want to happen in your relationship.
  • Fold the paper and put it in the honey jar that is full of honey. Make sure your fingers hit the honey.
  • Say, “Just as sweet as this honey is, make them sweet for me.”
  • Lick the honey off of your fingers and put the lid on the jar.
  • Light the pink candle and put it on the jar.
  • You can choose a different colored candle if needed (white is for general, red is for passion and pink is for more love).
  • After the candle burns out, put the jar where no one can find it.
  • After seven days, light another candle on the same day of the week you did the first one.
  • Light a new candle each week until you get your spell to work.

This is a spell that only works if you get rid of any negative thoughts beforehand. Always focus on good things before you start this spell.

Pink Candle Love Spell

This is a love spell that uses a candle to bring a stronger attraction. The candle works to symbolize love and the spirit. They are always positive and that is why many use pink love candles. This color candle is pure and can make your intentions stronger and give you the results you hope for.

Casting a Pink Candle Love Spell

Here is how to cast this spell:

  • Light a pink candle on a Friday night.
  • Write the first and last name of the person on paper.
  • Draw a circle around the names.
  • Imagine you with this person and how much love you will have.
  • Say this, “Seal our fate so that we can be together.”
  • Keep the candle lit till it burns out.
  • Let the candle burn out on its own and never blow it out or you will break the spell.
  • You can repeat this every day for seven nights.

The pink candle is very magical, and witches have been using them for years and years. You need to make sure that your intentions are pure to get what you want.

Getting an Ex Back Spell

If you have been with your ex and you regret that the relationship ended, you can try this spell. This can help you to get rid of negative energies that is holding you back from being with your ex.

When you want to get your ex back, you have to be confident and positive in the energy that you send out. You should never use this to hurt or force anyone to love you. This has to be something that you are both ready to accept.

Casting a Getting an Ex Back Spell

  • Light a red candle and look at it for three minutes.
  • Look at a picture of your ex.
  • Write the name of your ex on paper and circle the names.
  • Say, “I want you to come back to me.”
  • Meditate to let go of anything negative in your life.
  • Blow the candle out and tear the paper into small pieces and put them in a garden.
  • Do this for three nights with new paper.

It can be hard to get your ex back especially if negative energies are attached to the relationship. If you cannot do the spell yourself, see a professional spellcaster to help you.

Marriage Love Spells

Marriage love spells can help to make your marriage happier. This can help to get rid of negative feelings in the marriage and make peace between you and your partner.

The marriage spell works for couples that are trying to have a better marriage or that are going through hard things such as separation. With this kind of magic, a person is never forced to be with someone, it is just meant to make the marriage better.

Casting a Marriage Love Spell

Some marriage love spells are stronger, and some are not as powerful. This is a love spell that can be done by someone that has never done a spell before:

  • Get a spathiphyllum plant that has white flowers and replant it in a new pot.
  • Put stones or rocks at the bottom of the pot.
  • Write what you want on the paper and roll it and tie it with a string and put it in the pot.
  • Put the pot in a room where your partner spends most of their time.
  • Put a picture of yourself and your partner rolled up in the soil. Put yours on the right and your partners on the left-hand side.
  • Water the plant and let it grow new flowers. After the flowers come, cut one off and put it in a paper towel to dry it.
  • Put part of the flower in a cup with tea and sugar and water and then stir it clockwise.
  • Say, “Be my husband and love me,” and let your partner drink the tea.
  • Do this for two days and if nothing changes do the spell again when the new moon comes.

This is a strong spell, and it can work if you see your partner every day. If you don’t though, it can not work as quickly but can still work. Just don’t give up.

Love Spells with No Ingredients

Some love spells have to have a lot of ingredients while some just use words and thoughts. The spellcaster can choose whatever kind of spell they want to cast and depending on the reason. Some are meant to make the relationship stronger while others are meant to get rid of negative energy or to even attract a partner.

Casting Love Spells with No Ingredients

Some love spells have no ingredients, and they need to have powerful manifestations and positivity. Here are some that you can cast to someone you already are connected to:

  • During a full moon and on a Friday, sit in a room and clear your negative energies.
  • Think of someone you want to get closer to.
  • Imagine that you are with this person and think of the happiness that you can have.
  • Keep your mind calm and imagine yourself together with them.
  • Do this spell each month until you see results.

You have to have self-love before you can attract love from someone else. Always make sure that your self-confidence is built up before doing this spell.

Poppet Magic Love Spells

Poppet magic love spells are dolls that are used to represent the person that you want to cast the spell on. You can make your own poppet, and this will represent the person you are thinking of. Most people will use either fabric or cloth to make the poppit and will fill it with clay, wood, cotton, wax or even herbs.

After you make your own poppit, think of who it is meant to represent. If you have anything of theirs, add it to the poppet such as hair or a picture. You can add features to the poppet that represent that person.

Casting a Poppet Magic Love Spell

Here is how to cast this spell:

  • Have two dolls, one of them and one of you.
  • Say, “I have made this doll and it is you.”
  • Wrap the dolls with pink ribbon and tie them together.
  • Imagine you with that person and let your energies connect you.

Poppets can be used to do love spells, but you have to have clear intentions. Make sure your energies are positive.

Picture Love Spells

You can use pictures or photography to make love spells work for you. You should have a picture of you and your partner. Pictures are strong in binding spells, and it can help you to have a better connection with this person.

Casting Picture Love Spells

Here is how to cast this spell:

  • At midnight, take a picture of your partner and put it in front of you.
  • Light a red candle.
  • Make sure all of the lights are out and write on paper, “Send sadness to my lover. Go inside of their mind so all they can think of is loving me.”
  • Burn the paper and let the smoke go over the picture. After it is burned down finish your love spell.

You can make this spell work, but your partner has to agree with what you want. Love spells can help you to imagine your partner’s love and to make the connection with that person stronger.

Casting Love Spells

Once you get used to doing love spells you can try and follow these tips:

  • Believe in the magic of the spell. In order for the spell work you have to believe in it. Focus on the energy of the spell and get rid of any negative feelings.
  • Make your expectations realistic. Don’t try to be with someone that you cannot get with.
  • Be open minded to what could happen. Concentrate on the spell but be open to the way that love can happen to you. Finding love can come in different ways.
  • Understand love magic. You need to know that love is a blessing, and a love spell should never be used to force someone into love.
  • Be familiar with the times to cast spells. Some spells work best at certain times, know these times.
  • You can cast love spells at home or even other places but always know the best place to do them.
  • Love spells usually will work if you have positive intentions, and you are doing something to help others.
  • Love spells can backfire if you are using them to try and force someone to fall in love with you that doesn’t like you.
  • Black magic is used to break up people and you never want to use this kind of negative magic, or you can end up hurting yourself. You should never force love on someone.