How to Break Spells

Break Spells

There are many people that feel that they have been cursed or that they are under a spell. This can be a real thing in your life. Most people don’t realize how much other people influence them and they never think that they could fall prey to having a spell put on them. If you know a spell-caster or you are one, you will see that this is a powerful thing that should be taken more seriously.

Breaking a spell is not easy and it takes a lot of effort. If you have a strange relationship with someone such as someone that is aggressive or jealous, chances are that they are there in your life often. Or, what if you were in a relationship with someone and they died before you could ever break a spell that they put on you?


There are different things when it comes to casting a spell such as the ingredients, soul contracts, different traits, and thoughts and more. There are different patterns and powers that the planets work with to make things stick.

Many don’t realize that everything that they say and even things that they wish in their mind can become a power. This can be a personal power, or something influenced by another person. The way that you express these powers helps you to understand the issues that you have beyond your own powers.

Being a Spell-Caster

Not everyone does spell-cast all the time. Some people just like to cast a spell here or there such as a cult leader. This can be someone that makes promises to the public or promises to other people and so they can spin out a cast by their own common thoughts.

Spell-casters are people that do this sometimes without even realizing it. They don’t know that they are sending out spells and then other people don’t even realize that they are under a spell.

A spell-caster has power, and they are able to manipulate these powers. They are able to use their spell-casting to heal and to move the powers around. A person that is a spell-caster has a shadow side and so they have power of negative manipulation also and there are things that influence them to work towards their shadow self.

If you are a healer, chances are that you are someone that has a shadow side of a healer. This is someone that is graceful, compassionate, and loving but they are also people that have negative parts that will prey on their emotions and their thoughts.

Negative power doesn’t mean that this is dark power or bad, it is just power inside of yourself that you don’t know, or you don’t always understand. This is the unknown part of who you are. These are sometimes behaviors that are based on fear or damage in your life.

Shadow Characteristics

Most of the time the shadow types are not connected to a healer or a divine child, but they can be. When people find other types of spell-casters such as victims, prostitutes, trickers and more, they don’t think of positive things about their power, and they think that if this person casted a spell, then it will need to be broken.

Breaking a Spell

It is important to have control and to have authority when you have a spell cast on you and you have to get past the bondage. A spell-cater will cast a spell in order to control someone’s emotions or the decisions that they make. They will do this to gain personal power and not to help others.

There are reasons that this control can be personal and there are reasons that it might not be. Controlling someone with a spell can sometimes just be a game for the spell-caster. When someone casts a love spell, they are probably doing this just to see changes.

Characteristics of a Spell-Caster

Here are some of the characteristics of a spell-caster:

  • Casting spells gives them personal power.
  • They will warn people of bad experiences so that they can control their decisions.
  • They look at the opinions that other people have that are in authority.
  • They communicate through their tone of voice or through their facial expressions to cast a spell.
  • They work with other spell-casters such as a friend, lover, or a family member.
  • They deny they are casting spells.
  • They say things like, “I have their best interest at heart.”
  • They create fear.
  • They control others.
  • They speak about the consequences of decisions that you make.

The spell-caster can be a negative person but not all spells are going to be negative. Some should never be broken and when the changes bring positivity to the life of someone, they should stay on that person.

When a person gets hope through a spell, the best thing is to let this hope stay. If grace comes from a spell and this brings hope, then the spell needs to never be broken or blocked so that the person can stay positive. Here are some positive spell-caster characteristics:

  • They can give the person a positive self-image.
  • They can make you believe that you can reach your goals.
  • They can help you see the world through a positive Lense.
  • They force you to focus on good instead of negativity.

Breaking Spells

So, you might want to know how to break a spell. Spells can be a huge force and sometimes they are there even when people don’t realize they are casting a spell. If you are under a spell, you might not even know it. If you feel obsessed with things or if you feel overly emotional, or needing approval from everyone, all of these can be spells that are on you.

You first have to figure out what kind of spell you have cast on you. Then you have to make an effort to clear out this spell. This spell is going to be powerful but if you know that you have the spell then you need to know that there can be change.

Knowing something of course is not going to break the spell but knowing it can make you have a conscious effort of what you have to do. Think about what you would do if your friend got bit by a poisonous snake, and you had to save them. You wouldn’t just think of sucking out the poison, but you would take action and do it.

Observe your life and see what is going on in your behavior to figure out what kind of spell you have and what power the spell has on you.

You need to see if you are vulnerable or how you are living. You need to see if you are associated with certain people such as an ex that might cast a spell on you to have power and to be able to get your attention. Do you have someone around you that is jealous or that makes you feel that you are terrible at everything? Look at the power and the dynamics of your relationship.

Write down things and ask questions such as, “How can my life get better if I break this spell?” You can have a spell cast on you through another person, and a person can just think of something, and the spell can be cast on you.

A spell makes you stop making decisions. You can decide to make changes and the spell can be broken. Maybe you are making poor eating decisions. This can be part of a spell and so you have to make a decision to start eating healthier.

The next step is to interact with the spell and the opposing behavior. If you need to get approval from someone, you need to figure out why you need that person to give you acknowledgement. Do you feel ignored, or do you feel rejected? This can be to control you.

Tell yourself that you no longer need to get approval and that you are not going to be vulnerable anymore. You can see that the energies that you have given this person can be broken and you can no longer be controlled by their influence.

Don’t allow others to have power play on your shadow side. You have to not let your vulnerabilities come out. You need to make sure that your chakras are strong and that they are balanced so that you can be center, and you can break the spell that is on you.

You will know that the spell is broken because you will feel free immediately. This will be a psychic freedom and something that you have never felt in your life.

Your world will change, and you will see that you can get rid of toxic feelings, and you can make your psyche healthier. You can change your entire life by getting rid of a controlling influence that has had power over you.

What Happens When You Break a Spell?

Other things that will happen to you when you break a spell is that you are casting a spell on your own. This is a good spell that is going to make you stronger and make you brave. When you do this, you see that spells can make you have a sacred contract with someone or something. This can cause you to have relationships and physical things that are formed to you because of a spell.

The contracts can stay, and you might regret these for your whole life. You might find that things that have happened to you have caused you stress and have brought you down and this is because of those contracts. Each year you need to make sure that you don’t have any contracts connected to your life.