Doing Charms and Spells to Find Love

Spells to Find Love

Not everyone just wants to find love during Valentine’s Day, but everyone is looking for love. People often have had romances that have failed, and they seem to be looking constantly to find the perfect person for themselves.

The problems that you have in your heart can have to do with the emotional feelings that you have. The thing is you always have an opportunity to find love.

Have hope in yourself that you can find love and if you believe in magic spells and the world of love and magic, you can learn these spells to help you in love.

Fish Blood and Ticks

One spell is an ancient spell from Egypt. This took place between the 2nd and 5th Century and they are guides that help you to do spells that can help you to find love, help you to have better health, get rid of demons and help to keep you mentally sane.

No matter how much you want love and no matter how far you are willing to go, you need to understand that the spells are easy and that you can learn to do this spell and not be so obsessed with this person.

All you have to do is rub a tick from a dead dog on your body and the spell can work. Some spells are harder than this and you have to do things such as write the spell out or get all kinds of ingredients.

If you want to do a love spell that will never fail, you need fish blood and you have to get the demons to write on the skin of a donkey and then put it in the mouth of a dog that has died recently.

Spells always require ingredients and sayings, and the spells can use magical words and take place at certain times such as a full moon in order to work. Some spells need to have gemstones.

A love potion is a historical thing and was found written in ancient texts. You can even take some of your fingernail and mix it with and apple seed and then put blood in a cup of wine and say your spell seven times and take a drink.

Doing this is a recipe and if you add semen or the hair of someone that died to the drink, it can make it happen even faster.

Gold Ring of Corbridge

Someone found a gold ring and it was a love charm ring. This kind of ring was supposedly worn in order to bring forth sexual qualities and to cause affections. The person wearing the ring would be given a gift and a token and he would use this to reach his desires. This took place more than 1,500 years ago.

Curses would happen to curse thieves and to help keep business safe and to help people to find love. If there was a curse, the curse was not made to kill the person just to make them change or to be jealous.

Curses were normally a private thing and they were between the god and the person and sometimes when a person was cursed, they would have their name written on things. When bad things happened to them, they sometimes were faced with death.

Magic and medicine were used to help with relationships and even a physician from Alexandria, Aelius Promotus thought that using barley that was in menstrual blood and then wrapped with the skin of a mule could cause a woman not to get pregnant.

The sex drive was often associated with aphrodisiac and the magic would help to heal a broken heart for someone that had given themselves to sex or other rituals. This was one of the cultural things that has changed over times.


There are many spells and curses that have taken place over time.