Cursing an Ex Lover


Cursing an Ex LoverWe have all dated someone who ended up being completely different than the person we fell for. And we have all dated someone who deserves to be cursed. You feel that anger towards him or towards her. You feel resentment. Not only did they lie to you, but this person also stole valuable time from you and wasted it. And that may be the toughest part for you to get over.

However, as deserving as they may be…there are multiple reasons why you probably do not want to go through the efforts of cursing an ex with any sort of vengeful spell.

Spend your Energy on You

This person probably wasted your time. And this person took a lot of your energy already. SO why should you give him any more of your time and energy? Even though you wish that he felt the same hurt he made you feel, it’s simply not worth it. You’ve got to remind yourself that your energy should be spent on you and not on him. While you spend your time worrying about him, he’s moved on and is spending his energy on another girl. Why don’t you try giving yourself the attention, love, and energy that you’re still sending his way and see how that makes you feel. Plus, by the time you’re done figuring out how to cast a spell on him, you’ll probably find someone else and it won’t be nearly as satisfying.


Create Good Juju for Yourself 

In the spiritual realm, you’re bound to get back whatever kind of energy you end up sending out. If you put positive energy out into the world that keeps a higher purpose in mind, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the universe has in store for you. But since casting a spell on your ex could end up creating bad energy, the universe would respond in kind. If you want to utilize magic to get back at them, the universe may take offense at this. Sometimes wishing bad juju upon someone else can create more harm than it’s worth, and a string of bad events could befall you. Look at it this way: you already had a bad event happen to you when you had to date him, so why risk something worse happening by trying to get revenge?

Let the Good Vibes take Priority

Since the universe usually finds a way to even the scales, your bad relationship is going to be followed by numerous blessings. From a great relationship to a new job or career opportunity, the blessings will start flowing your way if you let them. When you decide to focus on finding great vibes, you’ll begin to see more of them. It’s kind of like walking down the street and counting how many red cars you see drive by. It’ll be a lot higher number than you think since you tend to see what you’re focused on.

Instead of waking up thinking about your ex and focusing on the hurt he caused, try to focus on yourself or how to make that day a great one. By doing this, you’ll be much more likely to see a cute guy in the elevator or walking down the street, and your positive vibes will make him much more likely to talk to you. When a woman walks around with her guard up, looking like she just cursed an ex…that’s not exactly a great attractor for men.

So put down your magic tools and cursing beads and focus on healing yourself to be ready when your next relationship comes your way.