Casting Spells at Home

Casting Spells at Home

Casting Spells at HomeMost people have ingredients in their home that can help them to cast their own spells.  Even during birthdays, if you have wished on a candle or thrown coins in the pond and made a wish means that you are already practicing casting spells.

When you do these practices, you will see that you are following witchcraft traditions.  For years and years different cultures have learned about different magick techniques and they have thought they were doing entertainment instead of trying to grow spiritually.

When using ceremonial magick, it means that you can bring in a priest or someone that is a shaman and they can help you to make magick by using candles and herbs to bring in the energy.

What is spellwork?  This is when you take energy and you use it so that you can make your own spells.


Spellwork is referring to Chinese medicine and is part of the Egyptian religion.  These are different practices that are based on each individual and can help you to change the direction of the energy and they don’t require books or special jobs in order to do this type of magick.

A spell can be any type of magick such as rituals, saying words, raising power, dancing, chanting, connection with a spirit or more.  Objects are not magick but they can help to bring about different energies.


Most spells that are successful have a certain purpose.  They can be a response to a desire or a need that someone has.  When an incantation is said, the reaction can be the doings of a spell.  You should never do magick when you have emotional baggage or stress.

The outcome of your spell will depend on what you are doing it for and what you are feeling.  Always work towards positive outcomes and that way you can focus and have empathy when you are channeling the spirits and the magickal energy.

Spells can be created with different entities and there is a connection that a spell can make or break and it can be a bond.

When you have links with people that are physical and you have tools to make spells, you can try to cats it.  All planets have different concepts such as Mercury which means communication and Venus that is about romance.  The planets can help you to have different spells.  If you want to cast a love spell, for example, do it during Venus’ day.

Some correspondences are honored by people and are considered mirrors for spells.  When you look at mirrors, you can use this to help you cast or break spells and you might have a desired income.


Sympathy can cause people to be attracted to each other and practicing this means that you join one realm with another realm.  Things that are similar attract to each other.  The classic sympathy spell shows lovers moving candles closer so that when they touch, they form a union.

Another love spell is when you carve a birthday into a candle and you say what you want outside so that you can call it into work.  These can bring romance and when the candle finishes burning, it means your spell is complete.


Antipathy is when forces are repelled, and you use this when you want someone removed from your life.  Put a candle in the freezer to put them on ice and this can send them away forever.


When you give someone that you love with a charm, it shows how close you are and how connected you are to them.  These types of spells are when you want to contact someone and are always in contact even when you are physically separate.

You have to find a target piece like a piece of clothing or a napkin and find a link between the object and the spell.


If you believe a hex is put on you, you need to use the inversion spell to break the spell.  This spell can be like a vaccine against hexes and is symbolically used to make sure that evil spirits and spells cannot come and target you.


Connections that are magical can happen through repetition.  When you focus on something, you keep using the energy heat to make things happen.  Put your crush’s name on something and say their name over and over again to create a strong bon d that links you to them.

Making Spells

It can be intimidating to make spells and you need to get rid of your fears so that you can make spells.  Use healing crystals and chants and different spices to make different potions.  You can use pots to cook in and a candle can become a magical device.

One thing to remember is that when you try to change an object to something magical, it will always stay that way.  If you use a glass to make a spell in, the glass will always be magick and you should not let other people use it.  These things keep energy.

When you are picking a location to perform a spell, using the door and windows can be a portal and can be the space between two worlds.  These are places you should practice doing your spells such as casting.  NO matter where you choose to do your magick, make sure you always close a door by singling it to close.

The only rule of making spells is that you never cast a spell out of the idea to harm someone or yourself.  There is a law of three that means that the magick will come back to you someday and it will be three times more powerful than what you cast.  If you cast a certain spell, it can come back to you so make sure it is kind.

Making spells can be fun and enjoyable.  Make sure you do it for the right purpose and increase your gifts.