Casting a Magic Circle

Magic Circle

There are different things that are used in witchcraft and one of the things is a circle. This represents the protection and the divine. It can be a symbol that is used such as the sign of the pentagram and it can also be used to do the spells.

A magic circle is used as a place that is considered sacred and it allows the energies to channel, and it gets rid of evil influences and evil energies that try to come in when you are doing spells. It is a barrier to protect you. When you try to summon spirits, it is done with a magic circle to protect you from calling on spirits that will harm you.

When you work with spirits, it can be helpful to think of them light lightening. When you are trying to channel them to reach you spell goals, you need to make sure that they are there for the right reason and that they are being managed responsible. There are things that can go wrong, and it can cause bad outcomes if the spirits aren’t summoned safely. This is why you need to make sure that you are safe by casting a circle before you ever begin. Get into the habit of doing this when casting spells.

Magic Circle

A magic circle is an area or a space that you pick to do your magic. It is a circle that encloses you and you can use your fingers to draw it in a clockwise direction or you can use a wand. Depending on what you need, you can imagine flames coming from the circle or pure white light.

You can even imagine a sphere forming. No matter what the shape is though, a circle is meant to make a boundary between yourself and any energies that can be harmful to you.

Casting a Magic Circle

When doing witchcraft and working with magic, using a magic circle can protect you from forces that aren’t known. You need to make sure that you are protected from curses and other things that can make you vulnerable when working with the spiritual world.

If you want to avoid unclean spirits or spirits that can harm you, casting a magic circle can stop this from happening.

Closing the Magic Circle

Once you finish your spell, you want to make sure that you close the magic circle. You do this because when you do magic, you are creating a door in the spiritual world. If you are contacting a soul or a god or goddess, you invite them to come into your circle and communicate with you through this opening.

You should never invite the energies into your phyiscal body. Some mediums will allow themselves to be possessed while they are in a magic circle, but you need to use the magic circle as protection from this until you are trained in that kind of spiritual workings. This can be dangerous.

Kinds of Magic Circles

There are different kinds of magic circles, and they use different tasks to make them. Some are just a circle, but you need to decide which colors, shapes, and symbols that you want to add to your magic circle.

Some magic circles get painted on the floor while others will use powder, salt, fabric or whatever they want. Make sure that the circle is big enough to fit all the people that are coming to do the spell work.

How to Cast a Magic Circle

Casting a magic circle can be done when you are going to do spiritual work. You need to make sure that you cleanse yourself before you ever set up the circle. Then, you can cleanse the area. To cleanse yourself, take a bath and get rid of objects form the area that you don’t need. Also, you can sweep up dust and you can make sure that you have what you need to do the spell.

Set up the altar and put out your candles. Some will use a dagger, a sword, or a pentagram when they are casting their circle. This altar doesn’t have to be special, and it can be just a table that you use just for the altar. Make sure though that it is something that you use separately than other things. You can also put a bowl, salt, water, a bell, saucer, and chalice at your altar.

Then you need to start visualizing your action and doing your chanting. Focus your mind on the spell and light the candles that are on the altar first. Offer the blessings to the gods and goddesses that you want to come and help you and use the sword to trace the circle’s outline. This shows that you are forming a division between what is in the circle and what isn’t in the circle.

Stand at your altar and ring the bell 3 times. As you ring it, imagine yourself drawing the eye of the world to you and calling out the gods or goddesses that you want to come. At each of the five corners of the circle, offer words to the gods and goddesses in each direction. You don’t have to name them individually, just honor them.

Put the bowl of salt on the pentagram and rinse the blade with it. Do this with a bowl of water and add a pinch of salt to the water and sprinkle it around the circle to keep it pure. Pour the water into the chalice and then the saucer for the gods and goddesses and then put it on top of the pentagram.

When you go in and out of the circle, make sure that you are honoring the gods and goddesses and thanking them again and again for helping you. Thank them and tell them goodbye when you are done with the spell.

Knowing Your Circle is Working

Sometimes you won’t know that your circle is working because you won’t feel anything. Some will use dowsing rods or pendulums to see if the circle is opened and closed the right way. You can also ask the pendulum to make the circle strong to keep out evil spirits. If you get a negative answer, you can stop your spell and try again at a later time.

If you are new to casting spells, you need to make sure that you are doing the rituals right. You need to stay safe so that you can have a good outcome when you cast the spell. Make sure that you are keeping yourself safe with your magic and that you are trying out different methods.

As long as your circle is working, it can protect you from harm and this is the method that you can use. You might see that you are casting magic circles even when you aren’t doing spiritual work. Do this so that you can be safe when you travel, when you work or even if you are sleeping. Use the spiritual world to help keep you safe and shielded in all the thing that you do.