Black Magic In Love Spell Is All Good


      A Love spell contains black and white energies making them grey as every single thing in life contains light and dark energies too – everything has an opposite which it works with to create balance: hot and cold, love and hate, big and little, sweet and sour etc. Love spells repair broken romances, the black elements of your love spell cannot go out of control, they are balanced by the white elements, they work together in harmony. We are not talking about sinister spells at all, but balance.

There is no need to be afraid that love spells contain black magic, quite the opposite, if a love spell doesn’t contain black magic it wont work. All human beings shout, lose their temper, make demands and do all kinds of things that perhaps aren’t nice on their own but are part of a bigger picture, they are essential. The black magic element in love spells is similar, it manipulates and controls – it is ‘negative energy’ but not evil, it demands your wish is granted, it makes itself heard. If your love affair has broken up and your ex not only wants nothing more to do with you, and as a result they are very negative towards you, your spell needs to fight fire with fire – the dark element of your spell will fight and destroy the negativity coming from your ex, their anger towards you will be erased and destroyed: two negatives make a positive. White magic cannot destroy or fight, hence it cannot remove negativity. The white, positive loving element of your spell will work with the dark, once all the nastiness has gone, love will return, and the positive white element of your love spell will bring you back together, throwing loving energy onto your reborn romance making you both delighted to be reunited.

A spell that is pure white magic will only ever do half the job you want, since its other half is missing. A spell that is pure black magic is not necessarily evil, it can do evil whereas a white magic spell can’t, pure black magic is very aggressive, like a very controlling, bossy, forceful person – such a person doesn’t have to be a violent or nasty as well, sometimes a strong, dominant person is perfect for certain jobs, that’s true of pure black magic also. I am not using pure black magic on this website, nor anything scary – I am using real witchcraft, and it’s grey witchcraft.

Pure black magic doesn’t backfire, that’s just a myth to scare people, spells never backfire, because spells are programmed energy, a witch tells them what to do and the spells does as their creator, the witch says, and even if the witch makes an error, the spell being psychic energy knows the witch has made and error and the spell will correct the error.

All witches use protection during their spell casting to ensure nothing goes wrong ever as well. If a witch made an error, the protection element of their spell (as well as psychic) would take immediate action and correct the spell.

When someone does something wrong and it backfires , that means they have created the opposite to what they wanted, spells cannot do that, a spell by it’s very nature wants to do as it is programmed, it only holds that information anyway.

There is nothing to fear at all, black and white compliment each other, they do not fight, they produce balance.