Beginner Witchcraft for Upcoming Witches


People look at witchcraft differently and many people associate it with Wicca but when you look at what wicca is, it doesn’t often describe witchcraft.

When you look at witchcraft, it is hard to have a real definition but there are ways that you can explore this kind of magick, and you can learn of all of the different aspects of this craft.

The idea of witchcraft is being connected to your inner energy and to never let that die down. This energy is one thing that connects you with your psychic energies such as intuition and other giftings that many hide and keep secret from the natural world.

Witchcraft can allow you to manipulate the way that you look at the world and the energy in it.

Becoming a Witch

When you look at witchcraft you are looking at something int eh spiritual world. You might have a different idea of what the spiritual world looks like to you and there are no real things that you have to do to practice witchcraft or whatever you believe.

People that do witchcraft accept what it is, and they use it for their own life and for the life of others. Just practicing witchcraft can make you a witch.

Witchcraft has no beliefs that you have to follow, and different people go on different paths but the idea behind witchcraft is that it allows you to change yourself and the world around you.

There are three skills that you can practice in order to really get your crafting experience:


The first thing is your sensitivity to the world around you. You can learn what is inside of you and what is inside of others.

This can be insightful to you as to how the world works and it can help you to develop your skills as a witch. These skills can help you to be more aware of things such as compassion, empathy, intuition, love and more.


Be aware of yourself. Having self-awareness can help you to look inside and know who you really are.


Empathy is being able to understand the feelings of those that are around you. It can help you to be able to embrace those that come in and out of your life and to develop your skills along the way.


Intuition is to understand the gut feeling inside of you. This is part of your conscious thinking and the part of you that helps you to reason with the world and to learn to trust yourself and your own magick.

Having Will Power

Will power be a skill that can help you to develop your giftings and to keep your mind strong. This helps you to face hard things in life and to move forward when life changes paths.

Witches will use their mind and their inner being in three ways: subconsciously, consistently and focusing.


People are able to make sure that they control their actions and thoughts, and this is one thing that witches do. This helps them to be able to use magick and to be able to control the situation.


You have to always make sure that you are paying attention to the crafting that you are doing. If you are a witch and you practice daily, it will improve your crafting.


You must be able to focus on what is going on in order to do the spells that you want to do. This helps them to be clear and helps you to focus.


Energy is all around you and everything in the world is made up of energy. If you are trying to fight against things or bring things into manifestation, you have to make sure that your energy is strong and that you are able to manage your energy.

Increasing Energy

Increasing your energy is increasing your vibrational frequency. This allows you to have more energy and to use the power for yourself.

Projecting Energy

When you project energy, you are able to take the energy that is inside of you and send it to something else around you. Transferring energy is important.


People that are sensitive to things around them are about to sense energy and to put the energy with different thoughts and emotions.

Gathering Energy

Gathering energy is important and can help you to get the outcome that you need. If you are absorbing energies of other things or people, you need to learn to pay attention to how these energies are affecting you.

Starting Witchcraft

There are different definitions that people have for being a witch, but this really is not a set definition. What makes a person a witch is how they use their crafting to do what they want to do.

There is not just a list that is written that contains all things, but there are witches that can help you to understand your crafting.

You must learn to have an open mind and to learn to trust yourself along the way if you are going to be practicing this.


Herbalism is one kind of crafting that helps you to reach a certain outcome. This can help the body and the mind using herbs.


Divination is when a witch will use different tools to get answers to the past, present and the future. This can be done with reaching your higher being and to reach out to your spirit guides.


This is when you have an energy that is trapped in an animal, or a plant and these objects can help you to advance in your life.

Spiritual Workings

Spiritual works is the things that you do and the development of your giftings that you have. These can include humans or animals and different vibrations of things around you.


When doing a ritual, this means that you are using things around you to make something happen. Once you get the desired income, there should be a change of energy.

Casting Spells

You must have a strong will and a strong intention in order to cast a spell. When you do this, you will have more than a wish and you will set your mind to what you want.

Setting the Intention

You must start by having a good intention and knowing what you want. This will help the universe to get the spell to work and will increase its power.


You can declare what you want to the universe and then you can imagine what it is going to look like. Using visualization can help you to see what the outcome will be and what you are willing to happen.

This can change the spells and the spells can combine with words and with different actions that you do but you must first have a strong intention.

Spell Casting Tips

The first thing that you need to do is write down what kind of spell that you want. Make sure that you are including intentions and affirmations that are posit8ive.


Next, you have to get the ingredients that you want in order to see the spell work. This can be candles, paper, pens, teas, smoke, magic wands, crystals or whatever you need to make your spell work.


Make sure that your space is strong and that you have it dedicated to the spell that you want to create. Having a somber space can help to make things happen.


Center yourself and make sure that you have a clear mind. Remember that there are spiritual beings around that are there to help you complete your spells.


Raise your energy vibrations and make sure that you have a strong intention. The power lies within the intention and make sure that you are protecting it.

Doing the Spell

Lastly, makes sure that you complete the spell step by step and that you are living your best life within your spells.

Kinds of Witches

There are traditional styles of witchcraft but there are also different things that people do and call it witchcraft. There are people that are a group of people that do spells that consider themselves to be witches.

Here is a list of witches that you might come across in your spellcasting:

  • Traditional
  • Eclectic
  • Kitchen
  • Green
  • Solitary
  • Hedge
  • Elemental
  • Dianic
  • Sea
  • Ceremonial
  • Secular
  • Hereditary
  • Cosmic
  • Cornellian
  • Gardnerian
  • Alexandrian

Traditional Witchcraft

There are different meanings that people have about witchcraft depending on who you ask. Someone that is doing witchcraft is normally defined as a wicca but wicca does not explain what witchcraft is.

One of the most exciting things about witchcraft is that people can use it to explore magick and to make a deep connection to the energy that one has and the energy of the people and things around them. This is one way that you can connect with your psychic giftings such as intuition and learn the secrets that the universe has to offer you.

Traditional witchcraft is a modern folk-based belief and the rituals that witches do. There is no single kind of witchcraft and being a traditional witch means you follow the rules, and you follow ancestral traditions that you believe in.

Ancestral Witches

The traditional type of witchcraft has to do with traditions and ritual magick. This is the old way that the witches would do spells, and this follows a lineage of people that would do witchcraft in the past.

The tradition is part of traditional witchcraft, but you do not have to go out and search someone else’s tradition but make some for your own path.

If you are following the Celtic tradition, you will associate with gods that your ancestors followed before you.


Cultural inheritance is a place where you should start your traditional witchcraft journey. Find out what powers your ancestors had and what they identified with.

Eclectic Witchcraft

Eclectic witchcraft means that you are following a path with different influences. A witch that uses the eclectic path will be one that discovers how different tools will fit the way that they work.

This kind of witch will do whatever it takes to use the tools of divination to follow tradition and to make sure that they are creating ways to make their spells work.


Eclectic witchcraft will be blended with other kinds of customs, and they are often put together depending on what the person is trying to accomplish.

You might choose to use different traditions such as German or Russian traditions and follow different paths but at the same time find new ways to be on your journey.

As you learn different cultures and what the other people believed, you will find what leads you the most and this will make you an eclectic witch.

Finding the Right Path for You

You can find your right path by following these things:


You can experiment with things that you are curious about and this can help you to see what you like and what you don’t like.


Find out more about your culture and the things that you want to follow. Look at different traditions and thoughts behind each of the kinds of paths you can choose.


After you learn which traditions you want to follow, take time to see how they resonate within you. Give yourself patience and time to find out what path you want to take.


You can choose to blend different traditions and cultural paths and rituals and find the ones that fit your life in the perfect way.

Kitchen Witchcraft

Kitchen witchcraft is a way that you can use things in your kitchen to cook and to make your own kind of magick. If you are the main one that cooks in your home, you can look at different ways to use spellcasting in the kitchen.

Kitchen Witches

Being a kitchen witch can mean that you don’t do big rituals but that you find things in the kitchen that you can raise your energies and bring healthy food to the people in your life.

This can be different practices that you try each day. You don’t have to have a bunch of stuff to get started as this kind of witch, just find things that you like to cook and things inside of your home.

Making a Space

Look through your kitchen and get rid of things that you don’t need. Make sure that your experience in the kitchen is positive and that you are willing to make messes and to clean things in your kitchen. Let your kitchen stay clean though because this will make you feel free.

Kitchen Altar

You can set up your own kitchen altar by using candles and asking the energies to come into your kitchen. This can make your rituals easier.


Write your own kitchen witchcraft recipes. You can do the recipes that are handed down to you from your grandparents or other family members and when you do it, make sure that you feel right about your recipe.

Growing Food

Take time to grow your own food. This can make a place in your home that is peaceful and give you healthy things to eat. Use your intuition to decide what foods you want to grow.


You can connect with the recipes and the foods that you make. Make a deep connection with each of the ingredients that you use and make sure that you are blessing yourself and others that you cook for.

Green Witchcraft

A green witch is someone that is more than a gardener or an herb grower, this is someone that uses natural things to do everything that they do. They use herbs and other natural ingredients to better their life and to raise the energies in their home.

Most of these people will use plants and herbs to raise the energy level and to get closer to mother earth. Green witchcraft is opening yourself up to the energies that the natural items around you have such as water, herbs, and gardening.

Being a Green Witch

A green witch will work with foods, herbs, elementals, spirits and will love the earth and the natural world. They will be someone that has giftings to understand things that they plant and how nature can improve their lives.

Green witches are great at raising their energies and they use herbs and plants to help themselves and others. Learning about herbs is a great way to start and it can help you overall.

Knowing the Environment

It is important to know the world that you live in and to experience the natural environment on your own. Go outside, sit by trees, go in the mountains. Learn to connect deeply with nature.

Herbs and Plants

There are herbs and plants that you can use each day to make your life and your energies stronger. Find herbs that you can decorate your home with and that you can use to cook and to be healthier.


It is important to learn to plant things and to make sure that you have a garden that can help you in your life. Buy plants and plant vegetables or fruit and use them in your kitchen.


We are all connected to the universe and the universe is about life. Let the produce come to you and you can help to bring life to the universe. Learn to understand roots and gardening and connect with the natural energies around you.

Solitary Witchcraft

Solitary witchcraft is when you separate your witchcraft from your inner self so that you can fight battles that you have with your mind, body, and soul.

This is a kind of witchcraft that separates from other things so that they can be quiet and develop the power inside of themselves with rituals and with practicing and reflecting.

What is Solitary Witchcraft?

This is a practice that people will choose so that they can learn to be confident in their powers. This is a way that you can learn if witchcraft is good for you.

You don’t have to have any ingredients and all you have to do is to learn to manage your thoughts and your emotions.

Practicing Solitary Witchcraft

The first thing that you need to do is to learn to study. You can educate yourself on the new kinds of magic and the paths that you want to use.


Share your magic and your ceremonies with others that are interested. This is a way that you can build people up with your own experiences and that you can show off your thoughts and behaviors to help others.

Be Clear

Make sure that you have a strong intention when using solitary witchcraft. This is one of the most important parts of this practice. This can be a shared intention or a personal intention, but you have to be the leader in your intentions to make them work.

Hedge Witchcraft

A hedge witch is someone that is individualistic and someone that loves nature and wants to communicate with the spirit worlds. There are different definitions of hedge witches but most of them use the elementals and healing and are aware of the world both physical and spiritual around them.

Are You a Hedge Witch?

A hedge witch will learn to understand things from the natural world and from their spirit guides. They will do what they can to get answers to the questions that they have.

This kind of witch will have strong insight from the spiritual world, and they will communicate and do astral traveling.


The hedge witch knows that nature holds magic, and they will learn to listen to what nature has to tell them and will connect with it in a strong way.


Hedge witches know that meditating is one of the best ways that they can get strong in their mind and body and how they can connect with the spirit world.


One of the traditions of hedge witches is that they can take their conscious mind and spend it living in a different existence. This is how they know that there is a difference between reality and the spirit world, and they can get answers.


A hedge witch is a healer and learns to understand healing through humility and through their relationships.


Those that practice hedge witchcraft should know about nature and should be able to do herbal healing. This is a way that they can use things like Mugwort or Yarrow flower to enhance their learning and their healing.

Elemental Witchcraft

This kind of witchcraft will help to take the energies from the fire, water, earth, and air and will use it to do their magic. They will look at the qualities of these things and will use them in their spells and rituals.

Elemental witches are very keen to their feelings and the energies around them and the use the elements to bring healing to others and to direct their paths.

Elemental Path

This is a path that the witch will use the different elements to do ceremonies and rituals. They will engage and speak to the elements and ask them to help them.

Practicing Elemental Witchcraft

The first way that you can practice is to figure out what elements are and study them. Learn all that you can about the different elements and what they do.

Know the Elements

Let the elements come to you and change your feelings. They will help you to experience new things each day.

Dianic Witchcraft

This is a kind of witchcraft that works with the feminine energy. This shows up in nature and the world around them. This is founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest and is one that follows traditional rituals and is not often associated with wicca.

What is Dianic Witchcraft?

This is a feminine witchcraft that puts the honor to different goddesses and to nature. This is where they celebrate the power of women and that women are important.

How to Do Dianic Witchcraft

You can practice this kind of witchcraft by learning about it by studying what it means.

Sea Witchcraft

The sea witchcraft is one that plays an inner connection with the sea and the land. This is seen in the coasts and in the weather and is part of the moon practice.

The sea witch will work with the elements, especially water and this plays a role in their practice.

What is Sea Witchcraft?

This is a kind of magic where they use the moon and the larger bodies of water to get ritual inspiration.

This in of witchcraft uses energy from the water and the coasts so that they can use spells. This is part of storms on the sea such as lightening and thunder to bring power to them.

How to do Sea Witchcraft

You can do this by meditating with the water. Since water is an elemental and uses its own language, it will give you insight that you need.


Learn to know the weather and how the weather changes will affect your life and the nature around it.


Lore of the sea is important to know. Learn about Poseidon and about the stories that bring water into the mix.

Storm Magic

You can learn to do storm magic with the sea, and you can do this the more you understand water and the magic that it brings to you.

Ceremonial Witchcraft

This kind of witchcraft is when you use ceremonies and rituals to get a desired outcome. This is the form of magic that is often called “high magic” because it uses rituals that even date back into history.

The rituals can be used to bring in spirits or to help find things or it can even be to get closer to nature.

What is Ceremonial Witchcraft?

This is a kind of witchcraft that can be used with traditional rituals such as Enochian magic or Hermetic magic. This should be studied if interested in the occult.

Using Ceremonial Witchcraft

Find out how to research this kind of magic and to find people that you can talk to that will help you to get the magic understanding that you need.

Secular Witchcraft

This kind of witchcraft is different than others and it is about your spiritual journey. It is based around starting new and is a practice to help you to have your own ideas and your own power. This is a kind of witchcraft that you separate from other people, and you follow your heart.

What is Secular Witchcraft?

This is a kind of witchcraft that uses gods and goddesses and does rituals and spell work. This is a religious witchcraft based on spiritual thoughts and ideas.

How to Do Secular Witchcraft?

You can start by exploring different kinds of magic and finding out what makes you excited.


Pick your own traditional or religious path to follow and you can even use different ideas from other cultures or religions. Do what makes you feel good.


Know the energies around you and what raises your vibrations. You can do this, and you will use the different energies to find your own path and to be able to do spell work.

Hereditary Witchcraft

This is a kind of magic work that allows you to follow different cultures. You can look at your familial roots and other cultures to figure out what you want to do. Maybe your mom or dad followed some kind of witchcraft and that is what you choose.

What is Hereditary Witchcraft?

This is a kind of witchcraft that someone in your family followed, and it made you curious. You can make any connections with your past that you want with this kind of witchcraft.

Cosmic Witchcraft

This kind of witchcraft is associated with energies and with celestial movements. This will help you by working with the planets and understanding things like the cycle of the moon. You will learn about the signs and the star signs and how spells can work with the planets.

This will be a time you work with celestial beings and events.

What is Cosmic Witchcraft?

Cosmic witchcraft is the study of astrology, astronomy and the planets and using them to raise your energy and to do magic.

You can do this by looking at the planets and the stars and understanding the phases of the moon.

Practicing Cosmic Witchcraft

Learn the magic of the moon and how the moon will work over the month and in your life. Choose the phases that you love the most and use them to do your spells.

Birth Charts

Pay attention to birth charts and learn about them so that you can learn about people and about how the movement of your birth caused you to be who you are.


You can meditate on the constellations and use them to help you to be connected with the cosmic world.

Correllian Witchcraft

Use Correllian witchcraft with traditions from Orpheus Caroline High Correll which is also a wicca activist group. They believe in finding seekers that understand them and understand the magic of the gods.

This can be a person that believes that the soul and the spirit are there to help you understand who you are and the different layers of your being.

What is Correllian Witchcraft?

This is a concept of wicca that believes that paths will come and go and that you have the freedom to choose which path that you want to take. You have the freedom to choose the gods that you believe in, and you can use nature beyond human existent to understand it.

The gods are there to help you to find what you need and to interact with you at any time. You can use the power of the gods to help you understand who you are and the world around you.

Practicing Correllian Witchcraft

Practice this by learning more about and by studying Correllian wicca.

Gardnerian Witchcraft

This kind of witchcraft teachers you about Gerald Gardner who was a Britain Traditional witchcraft. This is about magic and about doing actions to make magic happen. This is about focusing on your intentions and about doing your best to make yourself happy.

What is Gardnerian Witchcraft?

This is a kind of religious radicalism that can help you to understand the energy and the body that allows you to do spells and to do the things that you need.

Practicing Gardnerian Witchcraft

The rule of three means that you use a concept of threes and how the threes can play a role in your practice.

Wiccan Rede

This is a concept that changes with the research of witchcraft that you need to research.


You can learn more about this kind of witchcraft by joining a community that will help you to be humble and help you to have an open mind.

Alexandrian Witchcraft

The Alexandrian witchcraft is someone that gets the power from masculine and feminine energy. This is a difference between the gods and goddesses and will use rituals to make them happen.

This meets when the moon is full and during Sabbat festivals to help you understand this kind of witchcraft.

How to Practice Alexandrian Witchcraft

The best way to practice this kind of witchcraft is to join a coven and find out if this is the right kind of practice for you.

Questions About Witches

There are so many different questions that people have regarding witches and witchcraft and here are some answers that can help you along the way:

  • Why Do I Like Witchcraft? Some people are attracted to witchcraft because they have powers and if you are on the journey to power, look to see what kind of witchcraft you are attracted to.
  • Is Wicca and Witchcraft the same thing? Witchcraft is something that you can do that gives you power with the energies and wicca is a tradition of witchcraft.
  • Can anyone be a witch? Some people are better at this than others, but anyone can try to be a witch.
  • What happens if my spells don’t work? Keep practicing and make sure that you have patience in what you are doing.
  • How can I tell someone I am a witch? You can tell them your journey and share different details about your life. You should never hide who you are, and you should tell people. If you lose friends over this, that is on them and not on you.