What Happens When You Are Unfocused?

What Happens When You Are Unfocused?

People that are witches and they are not focused is something that is often seen in the more modern witchcraft. Witches will often feel that they have no direction, and they are not sure what kind of steps that they need to take in their crafting. They will often research things and go from one book to the other without ever really reading through the one. They go through their magic learning without ever taking time to focus and to get the information that they need.

There are so many different books and videos, podcasts and social media sites that focus on one subject or another. It is hard for witches to know what they should focus on because of all the different resources.

If you are someone that is going through this, do not be upset or be angry at yourself for what is going on. This is something that is often seen in modern witches and this article will show you the dangers in being unfocused and scattered in your practices.

Why Do You Feel Scattered?

One of the problems that witches face is learning. There are so many witches that are there to help mentor others, but most people will learn their spells and their crafts from books or from online resources.

Witchcraft has never been to the point where you can get information like you can now. It can be found anywhere in the world, and you can find information about it almost anywhere and you can often even find someone that you know that practices this craft. Even just a few years ago, it was almost impossible to find someone that was a witch but now you might even be related to someone that does magic. This is no longer a secret thing, but it is an independent study that many people look to. But the idea that there are so many resources can also be a drawback.

The biggest problem is that most people don’t have someone to guide them. Most people have a hard time finding a mentor or a teacher. They have to learn to focus their mind on the different things that they learn along the way through reading and through practice.

The problem is that if you don’t know something, it is hard to learn it without experiencing it and without having someone to tell you if you are doing it right or wrong. Knowledge can be good, but it can be a hard learning approach for some. This kind of learning is like walking through a dark house and not being able to really see. If you are someone that likes to know what you are doing, chances are that you wish someone would give you an outline or a step-by-step guide to help you to know what to do next.

Many witches feel that they are not able to really know what is going on and they often feel stuck. They feel that they cannot ever go to the next level because they are not sure what to focus on even really.

Since there are so many different resources, it can take all day and all night for you to even get through some of the resources that you find. This can leave you feeling scattered or even fed up with all of the reading and learning. Some people will be confused, and they feel that there are too many things to learn, and it causes them to become frustrated and to give up. The truth is that you need to learn to set yourself a guide so that you can learn at a slower pace and not overstress yourself.

Why Being Unfocused is Not Effective

When you feel that you are not able to focus it can cause your magic to become frustrating. That is one of the problems with witchcraft. When you become unfocused, chances are that you will not be able to do real magic. If you aren’t sure what you are trying to do or how to do it and then you try magic and nothing happens, it can make you wonder what you did wrong.

The real thing about magic is focusing and putting all of your energy on learning skill sets that help you to be able to do your magic as a reality. If you are never able to focus, you will try to learn too many things at one time and you will find that you are going from one thing to the other with very little learning.

It will be hard for you to spend your whole life jumping from one subject to another and never really knowing how to do magic. Witches are able to reach their reality and get the desires that they have but they have to know more about what their focus is and what they want to learn. Focusing on your magic is one way that you can grow.

The real problem is when there are no other witches to mentor you or to guide you. When you are doing magic and you don’t have anyone to tell you if you are doing it right or not, it can make beginners frustrated and make them feel that they are not able to do witchcraft. People that are more skilled will begin to be ready to move on to the next level but many of them still feel that they are not able to move on because they are not able to find validation. Focusing on what you want and focusing on your path can help you to grow faster and to get rid of your insecurity.

This is one problem that causes witches to feel insecure and make them not want to move forward. They forget to focus on what they want, and this causes them to lack confidence and causes them to go back instead of making progress. When they are focused, they are able to take one piece of knowledge and work with that until they get all of the information that they need for that situation. This helps them to become strong.

Focusing and Experience

Witches that are not willing to focus on something and to work hard will often miss out on their magic and the parts of crafting that are important. They do not have the knowledge to be able to make their spells work like they could. Fear is one of the biggest reasons for this.

When you think of the different magic that you like, as a beginner, you will see that you can learn a little bit of everything and get an idea on what you are attracted to. Just like in school, you will get some math here and some English there and other subjects in between. This is kind of how witchcraft works. You should learn to focus on learning the basics the most and once you learn the basics, you will see that later you can narrow down the crafting that you like, and you can learn more about it along the way.

As you go to college, you will see that you might major in something but there are other classes along the way that you will want to learn that will help you with your major at some point. There will also be classes that will not help you at all but are good to learn.

Once you get excited about a certain kind of magic, you will want to focus more on it, and you will see that you can develop specific skills based on that kind of magic, but you can use the other things that you have learned to help you along the way.

Once you begin to narrow your subject, you will see that you will never be able to be perfect at everything. You have to choose at some point what kind of magic you want to focus on, and you will become more knowledgeable along the way and your study will be stronger.

As you narrow the things you love, you will see that you will find interest in certain kinds of magic, and these will be the things that you choose to really study. You might like herbal magic and you will begin to focus on herbs but later you will want to focus more on poisonous plants. This is how you learn. Then after that, you will begin to narrow this down even further and you will find out more about plant magic than you ever imagined. This will help you much more because of all of the things you learned along the way.

Knowing it All

Using this kind of learning will help you to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. You will never be able to learn everything that there is to learn about crafting or magic. You will never be able to progress to an expert just because you know everything because that will not happen. You will always feel that you are never good enough unless you learn a variety of things and then dig deeper into things that you love. This helps you to not chase after everything all at once.

Instead of wanting to learn everything, find what you are good at and learn more skills. You can find ones that fit your magic perfect and you can learn how to use your skills to get more knowledge. Having more knowledge will help you to have better skills but it will not lead you to other magic like ancestral magic.

Once you figure out what you can focus on and what you love, you will see that you have the skills and the knowledge to be able to work towards one kind of magic. This will help you to build skills and help you to be able to find out more about what you love. If you are a beginner and you love plant magic, you might want to start by learning about herbs and then you might want to start growing some. Once you do that, you might want to learn about how to make plants into oils and then make them into different incense or other things that you can use with your magic.

When you don’t have the information that you need about something, it can throw your learning off. This can get you to the point where you need to focus on one thing, and you need to learn more about the skills of that subject. You need to learn that the skills that you learn along the way will help you to pick up other magic skills. You will see that plants work with spirits, and this might lead you to spirit work. Then, once you realize you love spirit work, you might want to talk to spirit animals. You will see that this will all lead you to where you want to be in your magic.

Picking a focus doesn’t mean that you are not able to find other things that you love. You will never be able to learn everything about all the different kinds of magic, but you can learn as much as you can about the magic that you are focusing on. You will see that many of the magics will overlap and the studies that you do will help you to find the right direction to go in. This will not prevent you from being the best you can be, it will only help you to grow and help you to learn more information than you ever imagined.

This kind of focus helps you to be able to know what you can use to help you with your skills and what will not help you. It helps you to be able to use your magic and connect with your practice while learning new things that can support the crafts you love and the ones you don’t know about yet.

Once you create a practice, you will see that you can have the freedom to go any way that you want. You don’t want to have scattered magic and by learning and focusing, you can see that you will learn what you need to learn, and it will help you to find unending information. You will become more confident, and you will see that the effort that you put out there will help you to focus on your skills and will help you to no longer feel scattered.


  1. While it’s true there are numerous resources available, the article could have delved more into effective methods for finding a suitable mentor. Also, emphasizing the importance of experiential learning is paramount in any form of craft.

  2. The abundance of resources can indeed be daunting. It’s important for practitioners to find a balance between exploring different sources and maintaining a focused learning path. More emphasis on community support and mentorship could alleviate some of these issues.

  3. I appreciate the analysis of the struggle modern witches face with focus. However, the piece could benefit from providing specific strategies to combat the unfocused learning process. Methods like setting learning goals or creating a structured study plan would be helpful.

  4. The article touches on a critical issue in the contemporary practice of witchcraft. It’s a comprehensive account of the challenges faced by modern witches, especially the overwhelming amount of resources available. Creates a need for guidance and focus in their practices.

  5. This articel eloquently illuminates the problem of being scattered in witchcraft learning. The analogy of walking through a dark house effectively captures the uncertainty many beginners feel. Some practical solutions for gaining focus would have enhanced the piece.


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