Voodoo Doll For Love Attraction


       A voodoo doll is created by a practitioner to represent an individual they desire to influence through influential magic, it is believed that what is done to the poppet also befalls the person it represents. A traditional voodoo doll and poppet are the same.

If you want someone’s affections, you can create a poppet by using the following materials:

  1. You can use a doll that is already premade that somehow reminds you of the person you are interested in affecting. Bear in mind that a handmade doll is believed to be more powerful because you can put your full intentions into every stitch you put into the doll.
  2. Clay: you can mold a simple human figure out of some clay.
  3. Fabric: You can get as elaborate as you want or keep it simple, but it is easy enough to make a doll out of some filler and fabric.
  4. Wax: you have the option of melting some wax and when it is sufficiently cooled, shaping it into a human shape.

For the poppet spell to be at all effective, you will need some additional items. For one thing, you’ll need something that belongs to the individual you want to affect, whether it is some strands of hair, a piece of jewelry, or even a piece of fabric from the individual’s clothing. You may have to get a little clever about how you will get something personal.

Additional things you will need include:

  • A few of your own personal small items
  • A white candle
  • Incense
  • Red candle
  • Consecrated water
  • Sea salt
  • Paper
  • Three ribbons – white, red, and black
  • Writing tool

Day: Monday (Associated with lunar deities and the mysteries)

Time of day: dusk or dawn (between times)

Astrological events: New Moon, Full Moon, Blue Moon

Step 1: Light a white candle to keep the energies pure while you are working. Shape your doll out of whatever materials you are using. Be sure to include the small belongings of the person you desire, and add your personal items to the interior of the doll. If you are using wax or clay, simply embed the small items. Wrap each ribbon around the mid section of the doll, all while thinking about the tight bond you are creating between you and the individual of your desire. When you tie a tight knot in each of the ribbons say the following:

“Your heart and mine, tethered, magick, not fate, draws us together.”

Step 2: Repeat with each ribbon.

Step 3: Once you are finished, put the name of the person you desire on the piece of paper. Put the paper beneath the doll and return to it in 24 hours. The next night, light the white candle. Take up the doll and light some incense. Pass the doll through the smoke rising from the incense. Say the following (with impassioned intent):

“Your thoughts are loving visions of you and me.”

Step 4: Light the red candle. When ready, pass the doll just above the flame (but do not burn it!). Say:

“Your heart’s fire burns for me.”

Step 5: Next, sprinkle the doll with consecrated water. Say:

“You’ll feel our love in your dreams.”

Step 6: Next, either you can place the doll in a bowl of sea salt or you can put the doll down and sprinkle salt on it. Say:

“You’ll move mountains for our love.”

Step 7: Allow the red candle to burn down. Bury the candle outdoors. Hide the doll in a safe place where it will not be disturbed. Make sure the poppet remains intact. Await results.