Using Black Magic for Love

Black Magic for Love

Black magic love spells are real magic and they hardly ever fail. Once you decide to use this kind of spell to find real love, you will have to take action to make it work. You will have to follow through with what you say that you will do to make the spell work. You have to start by casting the spell, do some action and then see the results.

There are times that this might be the only kind of love spell that you ever need. A black magic love spell can help you to figure out what kinds of blockages and challenges that you have in your soul that are stopping you from finding love.

When you use this spell, you will see that you have to figure out what kind of things you are afraid of. Some people fear that they don’t deserve love, while others feel that they are too ugly, fat, or thin.

Anything that is holding you back form thinking that you don’t deserve love has to be faced and you have to get over this kind of fear. The fear that you have is negative beliefs that you have to have washed away. You can do this even as simply as using soap and water to get rid of it. People have to believe in this spell for it to be successful.

Ingredients for Black Magic for Love Spell

  • Black candle.
  • Red candle.
  • Purple candle.
  • Frangipani oil.
  • 3 fish bones.
  • 1 sterile needle.
  • 3 drops of blood.
  • Red string.
  • Leaf from a tree.
  • Matches.

Casting a Black Magic for Love Spell

Start by casting your circle and then with the red candle, put your initials on it and anoint it with Frangipani oil. Put the candles on the altar and put them in the order of black, red, and purple.

Light the black candle with a match and then use the flame of the black candle to light the red candle and then the purple candle. Put the leaf in front of the candle and put the black candle in your hand, lift it and say, “Stalikam Batikosti Me Be Ce.” Then drip 3 drops of wax on the leaf.

Repeat this with the red candle and then the purple candle. Put the fish bones on the left and then prick your left index finger. Drop 3 drops of blood on the leaf. Repeat the part where you drip the wax and chant. Do this with the black candle, take it into your dominate hand and lift it and say, “Stalikam Batikosti Me Be Ce.”

Repeat this again with the red candle and then repeat it again with the purple candle. Roll the leaf up and tie it up with the string. Let the candles stay until they burn out and then bury it next to a tree.

Using Black Magic

There are some spell casters that use black magic in order to hurt and manipulate other people. There are some who believe that you can use this magic to get rid of negative energy so that people can have whatever their heart wants.

Black magic is a strong spell, and the powers of the black magic can help to remove negative energies, curses and hexes out of your path. It can also get rid of the barriers that stop the person from finding the love that they want.