Understanding Wicca


Many people believe that Wicca is evil. They consider it a dark magic and something that is going to be dangerous for people. This isn’t true because Wicca is considered to be a peaceful and loving kind of magic that brings people together in a balanced way.

People that practice the magic of Wicca will take time to see the good of the world around them and appreciate things like how the flowers smell, the sunshine, the trees, the rain, how nature smells and more. They love autumn and winter, and they want to be one with Mother Earth.

Wicca is practiced with secrets that have been passed down from one generation to another and the secrecy comes because witchcraft is hardly ever accepted.

Understanding Wicca Witchcraft

Wicca witchcraft isn’t about casting spells to make people do something that they don’t want to do. It isn’t a dark magic but instead it is a magic that is looking for goodness such as healing and teaching. Wicca is a protective magic. It is a practice that uses things such as:

  • Crystals.
  • Tarot cards.
  • Astrology.
  • Incense.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Herbs.
  • Candles.

Witchcraft has been around since ancient times and is often referred to as “The Craft of the Wise.” People that use Wicca often love nature and they understand medicines and herbs and how they can help people and help to bring balance.

Witchcraft Teachings

You have to take action for your own things that you do. This is the way of the Wiccan. They don’t blame others and they don’t blame things around them for what happens. They know that there are different cycles of the world and that the moon phases, the seasons, and the cycles of nature are very important. They also believe that the gods and goddesses bring peace and harmony into the world.

People that practice witchcraft are normally one with nature and the know what the gods and goddesses give to the world around them. 

One myth about Wiccan witchcraft is that the Wiccans create evil spells to hurt others. This is not true. Wiccans believe that there are spells that can help to bring blessings, creativity, love, healing, and other good things into the world. They don’t believe in dark magic.

Wiccan Beliefs

The Wiccans believe in nature and the gods and goddesses that come with it such as those in the sea, the flowers, rivers, lakes, trees, plants and more. They believe in the elements of fire, water, earth air and spirit and they associate these with the North, South, east and West and the circles that the rituals are held in.

Witches will practice different rituals and ceremonies that can be easy or are complex. They can do these things in order to improve their chances of getting things that they need such as a promotion, a job, or other things. They also can do this to put protection around themselves or someone that is even miles and miles away from them.

The elements of Wicca are important, and they should be valued and never feared. They are part of Mother Earth and as you study the practices, you will see that you can keep an open mind and open heart about what they do.

Gods and Goddesses

There are different gods and goddesses of Wicca, and they are compared to the yin and yang. They are forces of nature that bring life and the earth is considered to be important just like the moon and the sun. The gods and goddesses are not natural people, but they are symbols of what power is. They have cosmic powers that allow the witches to do spells and other things.

Triple Goddess

This is the goddess that has the same properties as the mother. She is also the moon goddess and has a strong relationship with the moon. Some people worship this goddess, but they don’t worship a god. He is considered the lover of the goddess. These gods are thought to be the same as the ones that were used in the British Isles in ancient times.

Horned God

This is a god that is often used, and he is used to understand sexuality, nature, the cycle of life, wilderness and more. He is known as Cernunnos, the Sun God, Karnayna, Pan and Atho. He is celebrated during the summer solstice and is the Oak King or the Holly King who works over the seasons.

This is a god that is part of the pantheistic deity that covers the whole universe. Wiccans believe that many of these gods and goddesses come in the afterlife.

Threefold Law

The Wiccans have a Threefold Law, and this is practiced by them. This is something that means that when you are casting a spell or when you are sending something into the universe, it can come back to you with triple the power. 

Keep in mind that when you do a spell that you are being kind, loving and compassionate and that you are expecting the same things to come back to you in triple the amounts. 

It is important that you understand this when using black magic because black magic can come back to you negatively. Wiccans believe that you should only use positive energies to release into the universe, even when doing spells.

Wiccan Rede

This is a statement that shows how moral the Wiccans are. They believe that there are faiths and religions that are positive in nature. The Rede goes like this, “An it Harm None, Do What Ye Will.” This Rede means “counsel” and it has been around since ancient times.

The Rede was originally published by Mrs. Doreen Valiente in 1960 and there are no different versions of the Rede that mean to do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t bring hurt or harm to anyone else.

Wiccans Witchcraft

Wiccans want to use nature and the world around them to do spells and to make things better. They will chant and they will do what it takes to protect animals and the world around them. They love recycling, fighting against pollution and making sure that the earth is taken care of properly.

Witchcraft is believed that any harm that is done to anyone or anything will come back to you threefold and they take this very seriously.

How to Be a Wiccan

You can follow the Wiccan path if it is what you want to do. You can become a member of their group and you can learn to practice witchcraft. You can learn about spell casting, about elements, magic, spiritual development and more. Find a coven that will help you to do this and even if your ideas change over time, the teachings will stick with you.

People that look at the Wiccan Rede are often inspired by how good it is. They want to make sure that they are doing spells and other things that are helpful and healthy and they live by this. If you are using evil or curses, Wiccans have the power to stop these things. 

If you are interested in the Wiccan community, find followers online and see if you fit into the Wiccan idea.

History of Wicca

Europe used to be a place that was known as the dark ages, and this was because there were people that were finding their own paths and doing their own cultural things. This was a place where witchcraft was being done away with and it was being destroyed because of money and greed.

There aren’t very many records that talk about the witchcraft but there was a group of the neo-pagans that would do spells, and this was developed by the Vikings and the druids and other people. This is part of the Wiccan history.

European History of Wicca

Wicca was started by Gerald Gardner who researched and invited people to form covens in 1954. Wiccans do not consider him the only leader of Wicca, but it was traced back to Gardner in England. 

Each of the different covens have their own spells and the way that they do magic, but the code and the value of Wicca is all the same.

Covens and Power

Covens can be seen all the way to the Gardnerian coven which happened in England and had 13 witches. The coven may be secret, but it may reveal itself. It is full of both men and women and usually one of each are the leaders of the coven. The leaders are often called gods or goddesses.

Wicca Now

People that are afraid of witchcraft have done what they can to make sure that the movement is stopped. There are people that want to have power and want to get rid of Wicca because of the strange beliefs that they have. 

Wiccan is known in the modern world and many people now celebrate it and consider it a spiritual tradition that gives people goodness and power. There are still parts of the world that feel that this kind of practice is wrong, and you can go to jail for it. The Wiccans wish that there could be a more understanding of witchcraft and the goodness that it brings to humans.

Once someone decides to learn witchcraft, they sometimes are nervous about this at first because of all the downgrading of this kind of magic. Some believe it to be evil and dark and this makes them afraid of it. Wiccans believe that their system of witchcraft is good, and they encourage people to look at it more closely.

Traditions of Wicca

There are different kinds of Wiccan traditions that are practiced, and this has to do with the person and their spiritual path. Here are some of the different traditions:

  • Alexandrian Wicca
  • Celtic Wicca
  • Dianic Wicca
  • Gardnerian Wicca
  • Solitary
  • Kitchen Witch

These are all different traditions that Wiccans practice in different parts of the world. Each of the traditions are different but their love of nature, the spiritual world and worship is something that makes them all one.

Wiccans know that there is no man that is superior to nature and the things that are created in it. Man is not the center of the world, and they know that there is a bigger picture.

Wiccan Tools and Wiccan Spells

If you aren’t a Wiccan, does that mean you can’t cast spells? No. You can cast spells and follow the Wiccan Rede even if you aren’t a Wiccan.

There are different tools that Wiccans will use when they do their spells including:

  • Candles.
  • Altars.
  • Cloths.
  • Censers.
  • Oils.

Some rituals can take days, and some can be done in just a few minutes. This depends on the spells that you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish with your goals. There are different tools that can be used to make the spells go faster.

A Wiccan has different choices that they have to make and depending on the situation, they can decide if they want to use spells to make things differently. If you feel that you are bothered by a curse or a hex, then you need to make sure that you understand this kind of magic.

Wiccans don’t take situations and hurt others, but they can help you if you feel that you are cursed. They are a community that can come to you and be dedicated to helping you live your best life.

Wiccan Spell Casting

Wiccans will start casting spells by setting intentions on what they want. They know that every spell can have a consequence and they are able to look at the spell form every angle to make sure that the spell is from a pure heart. 

The principles of Wicca are to be moral and to be wise. They share a guideline that allows people to use nature and to not bring harm to others. The different spells use different tools in order to bring things to life. They will often use colored candles such as pink for love, green for money and more. Black candles are sometimes used to ward off evil.

Wiccans will make sure that they are creating energies that are positive and not negative. If you have negative feelings in your heart, it will stop the magic from working the way that it should. A love spell that is a Wiccan love spell can be cast for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Helping someone find love.
  • Bringing back a lost relationship.
  • Attracting a lover.
  • Rekindling a relationship. 
  • Finding a soulmate.
  • Fixing a broken heart.
  • Finding closure.

The spells can be cast by the person that wants an outcome and all the spell takes is energy and desire to make it happen. You need to make sure that you are patient and that you are following the spell step by step.

Wiccan love spells can help everyone that is involved in the spell for the best good in their life. The love spells often use things like herbal ingredients to help them cast spell and to have more power.

Wiccans do not use spells to harm others. You can use a spell to block or remove people that are harmful in your life or the life of others, but it will not be done in a harmful way. Some Wiccan practices can help a person find a different job if they have a co-worker that is giving them harm and that is how Wiccan magic works, to the good.