Understanding Heyoka Empathy

Heyoka Empathy

Empaths are people with highly acute sensitive to other’s feelings and can be more spiritual than others.  They can perceive what others are thinking or experiencing and can be more susceptible to the fluctuation of vibrations of others more easily than other individuals.  Empathy is a gift that is something one is born with rather than something learned.  However, empaths must be careful to practice grounding techniques so they don’t let the influx of negative energy to cause them physical or mental strain.

Heyoka – The most powerful type of empath

Heyoka empaths have a distinct ability to reflect the negative traits of others. Heyoka translates to “sacred clown” revealing these individuals serve as expressive mirrors to people in their particular environment.  Common traits include dyslexia, a young appearance, and an innate ability to help people express their less desirable traits.  Their intention can be misinterpreted as intrusive or meddlesome to those uncomfortable with the way their negative emotions are being reflected back.  Yet, those same people can feel more reassurance and confidence when they see their positive thoughts mirrored back.  Even though, it can be uncomfortable at times, people can learn numerous lessons from Heyoka empaths.  Work to maintain an open-mind an open mindset when interacting with a Heyoka.  Lean into both your negative traits as well as your positive attributes to learn new ways to grow.  Working with the Heyoka can help you further your quest for spiritual enlightenment and hone your innate gifts.  They will provide you gracious and loving support to help you become the best version of yourself.