Understanding Black Magic

Black Magic

Black magic is something that should never be used to hurt someone else. It isn’t about devil worship and evil spells, and it can even bring people love into their lives. No one should be harmed in this kind of magic and if they aren’t then the spells normally work well.

This is a practice that uses different spirits that can bring harm if you do it wrong or if you destroy things but if you aren’t doing that then it also uses amulets, spells, incantations, and other rituals to get the spell to work.

Using Black Magic

People that like the idea of this kind of magic will use the spells to get rid of diseases and pests. They will use these forces to get rid of other spells that are offensive or elemental spells that are not working.

This isn’t a thing of good or evil, but it is a different kind of magic that is used to make spells come true.

Black Magic Theories

What is the difference between black and white magic?  Black magic draws on the powers that are given in a different view called the “left-handed” point of view. The powers are there to give a spell and the difference is normally the intent of the spell.

Black magic love spells are there to force love, but they are not evil. They are not the opposite of white magic and sometimes these magic forces are equal. Darker or black magic isn’t the opposite of white magic, it just has different goals.

White magic can fight against darkness and dark magic can have something positive happen when a spell is cast. Spells of white and black can just be a middle line of grey.

There are people that believe that black magic is done under the darkness of the moon and that white magic uses the different lunar phases because they are light. This isn’t anything to do with evil or good and there is nothing that should be done to harm someone through the use of either of these kinds of magic.

Practicing Black Magic

There are different names for the spells of black magic. This means that you can have control over a person and that you can do rituals that are immortal. These rituals can be done to a person’s life, and you have to use the energy of another person to make the energy last longer. This is why these are considered to be dark magic.

There are some black magic spells that call on the different gods or goddesses to get things done. This practice is sometimes chosen over white magic.

How to Learn Black Magic

You can work with the spiritual powers in order to get black magic to work. You don’t want to do a spell that is going to hurt another person. Depending on who is teaching you, you might be led to see that these black magic practices don’t work or that there isn’t any kind of magic that can bring harm.

You might find then that you aren’t sure if you should use black magic at all or if you should be against it. If you feel that someone is using black magic against you, you might want to understand it more.

Black Magic and Demons

You have to realize that black magic was around before demons were written about. When it comes to calling on demons to cause harm, this would only be done by people that believe in that. The majority of people that worship satan will call on the demons to help them to do things in the community.

Some traditions will also allow people to give things to the angry demons to please them and this can cause there to be problems all over the situation.

Causing Harm with Black Magic

If you are trying to cause harm to someone then this is not good. Black magic is normally used as a defensive magic, and it isn’t there to bring harm but to stop harm that has been put on someone else. Magic can be used to put a curse on someone that you don’t like but you might relate this to something that they deserve because of karma.

If you are on good terms with this person, then you might feel bad for them and be upset with the person that cast the spell or the person that represented them in the spell casting.

Black Versus White Magic

When you are hurt or upset, black magic might seem to be more powerful to you than white magic. This happens because white magic takes positive thoughts and feelings and is powerful to make a spell work. Black magic can take negative feelings that you are feeling and can cast a curse.

Neither magic is more powerful than the other but the person that shifts their energies is what matters. If you aren’t happy about your life and you are dealing with something hard in love, you might want to use black magic to shift what is going and to stop things.

On the other hand, if you want to attract something to you, you might choose to follow white magic and change your mindset from negative to positive.

Even if you don’t rely on either kind of magic, the black magic can help you if you are dealing with hard situations. You can use black magic when you want to change your mind about what you want. You might want to start with white magic but sometimes people think that when there are painful emotions involved, black magic will work the best to send the energies where they need to go without harm.

Black Magic Spells

There are people that have to deal with situations in their lives that are hard, and these people have strong feelings. Just because these feelings are there, it doesn’t mean that someone wants to use evil magic to get what they want.

Before you ever cast a black magic spell, you need to make sure that you understand the different changes that can happen, and that the outcome can be better for everyone rather they believe it or not.

Forcing Something to Happen

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to force something to happen? Maybe you have a boss at your job that picks on you, and you can’t afford to lose your job. If you use white magic, it might help you to see the person getting a promotion or it can create a good outcome without causing harm to anyone.

Even if you do this, it might be impossible for you to wish goodness to someone that is causing you pain.  Even though you are mirroring the energies of your own through other people, you might need to put a revenge spell out there to stop the reflection and to stop them from bothering you.

Black magic is a problem because it can cause the other person to lose their free will. The spells can do different things but once you learn more about who you are and what you want, it will be easier to stop problems and have positive outcomes.

Why Is it Bad to Take Away Free Will?

Free will means that you are free from something that is predestined to happen to you. This doesn’t mean that the choices are already going to be changed by the energies that come into your life. When you use black magic, you can still make someone make choices that you think will cause a specific outcome to happen.

If you aren’t willing to be subjected to the outcomes that other people force, then you can see that the efforts that you make to others will fail and it can end up coming back on you in a harmful way.

Black magic spells take away the free will of others. You need to make sure that you want the situation that you are facing to be reversed. That means that if you want to be forgiven or you want someone to be kind to you, you need to make sure that you consider that no matter what kind of spell that you cast.

Using Dark Magic

Some people want to avoid using dark or black magic, but some people will use it when they are hurt or angry. When you decide to use black magic spells, you will still have to choose the best path for you in the situation. Some of your choices will be based on what you think that other people should do and so you need to make sure that you know what you want as a person.

This might not be something easy for you to do but know that magic will bring you to a place where you learn a lesson over and over again.

Always be serious and think through any spell that you are wanting to cast. This is with white and black magic. This can help you to see things from a different perspective and make sure that you are doing what is good. If you are drawn to black magic and the black magic spells, make sure that you know what the meaning is for you and for everyone else around you.

Can Black Magic Be Dangerous?

Black magic isn’t evil, and neither is white magic. The energies can be dangerous though to anyone who doesn’t understand them. Since black magic focuses on creating a specific outcome, some think it is more dangerous than white magic is.

Make sure that you look at the situation in front of you and that you know about the energies that you are going to use before you ever decide if black magic is the right tool for you.

Nature and Black Magic

There are different energies that cause changes in the physical and the spiritual world. Scientists have even found that the different particles can be experimented with and that they change based on what is going on with these particles.

You can look at energy and call it dark matter, but the truth is that it can be used as positive or negative, depending on the person and what their intentions are.


physical matter is less than 1% of what makes up the universe. Some debate that there are different kinds of energies in different dimensions. People that use black and white magic work with different energies and they have been since ancient times.

Some are able to take energy from one dimension and use it to create a change in the physical matter around them. Black magic can be used as much as 25% of physical matter when casting spells and doing different rituals.

Systems and Black Magic

If you need a certain outcome to happen, you might want to focus on the different magical systems that help to control the energies around you. This includes things like Voodoo, Santeria, Curanderismo and Obeah magic. People that want to work with different kinds of magical systems will be interested in the ancient magic of the Egyptians, Hindu, and Mesopotamian systems.

Demon worship isn’t a part of black magic or white magic. Worshiping demons means that you are following a system and a personal aspect in your life. Using black magic focuses on destroying energies that cause there to be problems in your life or things that are blocking you.

Going into the spiritual realm is like understanding something deeply. You will see that you are going to learn things and if they seem dangerous or if they look like they can bring harm, then you need to make sure that you avoid that stuff.

When you are learning to cast spells, you can see that dark magic is similar to a disease. Once you understand the purpose behind black magic, you can see that you are not a victim of it anymore than someone that is a victim of a disease. After you figure this out, you will see that you can use black magic just like you can use white magic.

History of Black Magic

A person that will break their word or a promise might feel bad because they hurt you. The nature that you have inside of you will convince you that you need to get back at them for this. There are different families and societies that build up negative feelings about each other throughout their life.

When this happens, using black magic can happen. This normally comes when there are negative feelings. A hex or a curse is something that happens when someone is coping with negative energies, and it means that they are finding ways to resolve the problems that are hidden.

The history of black magic shows that you need to focus on things that build you up instead of those things that drag you down.

Where Did Black Magic Originate?

Some believe that black magic has been around as long as pain and suffering has been. Egyptian history shows that there were Heka or protective forces that were used to bring bad luck to the enemies of other nations.

Witchcraft will show you that there have been different things such as science, shamanism, magic, religion, witchcraft, and other things that bring harm to an enemy instead of resolving things without harm.

Dark Ages Black Magic

Black magic was not seen as evil until the Dark Ages. When this happened, things that were done outside of the church were considered witchcraft. Some claimed false things and said that witchcraft was teaming up with demons and it stopped some of the black magic from being able to be done.

Some believe that spells to this day are dark magic, and they don’t understand the intent behind any kind of energy or magic.

Black Magic Now

Some people don’t believe that black magic even exists, or they believe that all magic is black. If you have ever been sad or if you have ever wanted someone in your life to have to experience their own karma, it shows that dark magic is real.

People sometimes think that if they cast a curse on someone that they know what they are doing but most of the time people that do this have very little understanding of how magic works. They don’t realize that this is all based around negative emotions. Once you learn how to handle and understand negative emotions then you can get rid of energy that is negative and you will find black magic to be useful.

People Who Do Black Magic

You probably have met someone that has talents in casting spells. This can be someone that is naturally good at spell casting and rituals. When you learn about this kind of person, you need to find out if they are able to help you with what you need.

Kinds of Spells

Black magic spells use different energy that isn’t always easy. It can be done with banishing, curses, hexes, and other black magic that blocks good things from happening to someone or a group of people. This can also destroy something that was good for them.

Love and health spells can still be black magic spells depending on how they are cast. If you desire someone to be bound to you and if they aren’t then they will have to face consequences, this is a kind of black magic.

Black magic can bring abundance and bring bad luck to people such as bill collectors or someone that is trying to take your money. Black magic spells can also be used to get rid of diseases and to get rid of things that can cause you harm or sickness.

Deconstruction Versus Evil

There are black magic aspects that are hurtful because they undo something that the person might have in their life. If you are hurt because your lover chose someone over you, bad luck might strike them. Evil comes when there are energies that are used to cause harm to people for no reason.

Black magic can have a serious effect on people and on an outcome, but this can be better than something else happening to them. They might find someone else that they are more compatible with, or they might break up with the person to find something new. This is not evil.

Finding a Black Magic Spell Caster

Emotions play a huge role in black magic. Most of the time if you cast a black magic spell, you will see that the energies can come back on you. It is important that if you are serious about doing a spell that you find a spell caster that knows how to use these energies.

Depending on what you are going through, you can find someone that is in your community or online that knows how to help you. No matter what kind of black magic spell caster you use, take time to talk to them and listen to your intuition before you get them to help you.

People will tell you that you should not have anything to do with black magic. There are risks when you use this kind of magic, but fear is going to cause you more harm than any spell. If you need to get rid of negative emotions and you need something in your life to be gotten rid of or taken care of, black magic might be what you want to try. Find a spell caster that understands the rituals before you ever choose a spell. You can even try to find someone that does white magic before you talk to a black magic spell caster.