Ten Tips to Keep Your Aura Clean

Keep Your Aura Clean

Nobody can deny that the world is a confusing place. There are a lot of different energies out there, and not all of them are positive. With all those outside influences, your aura can easily become muddied, mired, or drained. It can even happen to the most spiritually awakened among us.

Maintaining a clean aura includes removing negative energies, which can cloud our vision and hinder our access to our deep intuitive wisdom. Working aura-cleansing into your self-care routine can keep you out of toxic ruts and keep you emotionally healthy.

Here are ten techniques you can use to cleanse your aura:

  1. Immerse yourself in water.

One of the simplest ways to cleanse your aura is to submerge yourself in water. Oceans, lakes, and rivers are physically and emotionally cleansing, as they hold a deep power to purify the body and cleanse the soul. Immersing yourself in nature’s water allows the Universe to restore your aura’s health and purge it of negativity.

  1. Take a bath.

If you don’t have ready access to any natural areas open for swimming, you can still use water to clear your aura. Turn bath time into healing time by filling your tub with water and adding healing herbs, essential oils, and even fresh flowers to aid in natural cleansing. Himalayan sea salts, lavender oil, and rose petals are excellent additives for cleansing the aura.

  1. Carry aura-cleansing crystals.

Crystals are powerful and incredibly potent when it comes to cleansing your aura. They also strengthen your commitment not only to your spiritual health, but alsy your overall  sense of well-being. Thanks to their calming, neutralizing effects, amethyst, blue lace agate, moonstone, and lepidolite are some of the best crystals for aura cleansing. A seven-crystal chakra bracelet will also help cleanse your aura.

  1. Smudge your soul.

Smudging is an effective technique for removing negative energy from your home and your crystals. You can also smudge negativity from your aura and your soul. Sage, lavender, and juniper are three of the most potent smudging herbs for cleansing auras. Simply ignite your smudge stick, waft the smoke over your body, and visualize all of the negative energy flowing away.

  1. Clear your mind.

Welcome some positive energy into your aura with breathing exercises. Find a quiet place to sit. As you inhale, imagine bright, clean air entering into your body. With each exhale, imagine the release of the negative swirl of emotions. As you breathe, imagine you’re being surrounded by a bright white light that shuts out the darkness and bathes your aura in clear brilliance. Repeat this gentle breathing technique for at least five minutes.

  1. Return to nature.

Sometimes the simplest things are all that we need. Getting back to nature—whether a long ramble in the woods, an invigorating walk in the mountains, or a leisurely stroll on the beach—can go a long way toward cleansing your aura and healing your soul. Let the fresh air, the wild sounds, and the pure light remove the pollution and distractions of modern life. You’ll soon feel refreshed and reconnected to your more fundamental self.

  1. Let the sunshine in.

Another way nature works to banish negative energy is through warm, bright sunshine. The sun has powerful restorative powers, and simply spending time in its pure, cleansing light can wash away even the darkest thoughts of the day. So, open those blinds and brighten your day. Better yet, get outside and soak up some sunshine!

  1. Meditate.

Meditation is not only a powerful relaxation tool. It also effectively clears negative energies. Even if you’re not currently burdened by the effects of negative energy, meditation can be used in a preventative manner. Regular practice will keep you calm, which reduces the likelihood that bad vibes will stick with you. Whether it’s just ten minutes or as long as an hour, take some time to simply sit, clear your mind, and meditate to cleanse your soul.

  1. Love yourself.

Regardless of how much negative energy is around you, the consistent discipline of self-love will help keep you soft and feeling nurtured. Visualizations, positive affirmations, removing negativity from your internal dialogue, enhancing your efforts with crystals are all effective ways to increase the level of self-love in your daily life.

  1. Evaluate your environment.

To help keep your aura clear and clean, take an unbiased look around you. If your surroundings are negative and draining, your battle to keep your aura clean will be more fierce than it has to be. Surround yourself with light and love, and consciously choose to spend time with people who bring positive energy and light into your world.

Do you have any tips for keeping your aura free of negative energy? Please share your techniques in the comment section below!