Magic Spells

Magic Spells

Magic SpellsIf you can ask the question, “how do I tell if the love spell is working?” then you have probably tried to cast a love spell on someone, or maybe you are just practice.  Let us see how we can know if the love spell is working fast and efficiently.  If the love spell is successful, you will see the signs that it is working.

It can be hard to tell when the signs of a love spell are working because each spell is differently.  What might happen for one person might not for another person and it just depends on the circumstances.  Most people have experienced the signs when the love spell works, and you need to know if it is working.

Sings the Spell is Working

One of the biggest side effects of a spell is when the person is feeling happy and this happens until the spell is finished.  This can last for weeks or months and if the spell is cast on someone else and you are involved in it, you can tell the spell is working by the energy.

Most love spells are cast to make people fall in love with you and to make them think about you all the time.  You might feel the same feelings as the spell can work on you both at the same time.  Sometimes, these feelings can be intense, and you might not be able to get them out of your thoughts.  This should happen on both of you.

Coincidence Happenings

Coincidences are common when the spell is working.  If a person is bound by the spell, then it should bring you and that person closer.  They should spend time calling you and texting you or want to meet up with you all the time.  They might even give you messages in dreams or in television shows.  These could be signs if you pay attention to them then you can recognize them.


There will be progression when someone is in a love spell and they will want to increase their contact with you.  They will want to text you or visit you.  You might even start to notice that they are looking at you more and differently.  It is common for them to get confused about their feelings and to be very attention to you.  This is normal.

More Signs

After the first few weeks after the spell, it is important to look at the things that could show the spell is beginning to work.  Some of the details that you need to notice are:

  • Dreams about the person.
  • More intense emotions.
  • Meeting up accidentally with that person.
  • Increased contact with them.
  • More visual contact.
  • Happiness.