How Do Love Spells Work?


love spells 2Love Spells is one of the world’s ancient religion, like way back thousands of years to Africa. Most of the struggles in your life that you undergo are basically, part of your divine plan, karmically designed to develop your soul, no matter how hard or painful some of these situations may be.

However, God hasn’t left you stranded – I promise, God has created amazing Spirits who intervene in very specific areas of human need and these divine messengers and helpers are collectively known as the Lwa, Loas, Orishas, Nkisis, Invisibles or Mysteries along with the divine intervention from all of our ancestors, those we have known and those we have never known, who have come long before us, guiding us throughout our journey here on Earth. It is through the help of these amazing spiritual entities and our beloved ancestors that much can be altered, avoided, enhanced and improved in your life on every level. This is why reverence, honor and representations of these powerful spiritual energies are always displayed in the homes and work places of Voodoo Practitioners.

love spells 1This of course, is a brief and cursory overview of a very complex, multi-faceted spiritual belief system, but this ancient religion would not have survived thousands years without being empowering. Simply stated, Voudou absolutely works, not only the magical aspect, but also to keep you connected to spirit, grounded, protected and enlightened. The magical aspect of the religion is very effective in changing a very difficult situation, repairing love relationships, protecting you from ill-will or harmful people, healing you from a past traumas, opening up doors of opportunity in your life, putting you on your correct path, just to name a few out the endless areas the Lwa (Loa) assist you.

Most situations can be changed, altered or greatly improved, providing it does not alter certain karmic lessons you have to learn or endure here on Earth. For an example, in the case of bringing a lover back, if it is your lover’s karma to be with someone else who is to provide certain lessons instead of you, then no, the Lwa (Loas) will not interfere or alter that Karmic lesson. Again, this is a very simplistic example on this topic for conceptual purposes only.

Most often, people want to know “when will I get everything I want?” “When will this work?” or variations of questions along those lines. While we are very sympathetic to those in extremely difficult, painful and challenging situations and do understand the anxiety behind their questions, the fact of the matter is: there is no simple, magic bullet to fix everything.

love spells 3As I’m sure we can all agree, humans are usually their worst enemy and often do not want to make the difficult choices and sacrifices to position their lives in a better or more positive environment. We are not so good at change are we? Time frames for improvement or resolution on any matter hinge greatly on your willingness to recognize your contributions to the problem, your poor choices or poor behavioral habits and, your willingness to move past these impediments. Many of the other issues the Lwa, (Loas) will intervene and help maneuver out of your way or in your favor. Typically, ritual results range between 80-90% success rates, however, they do not just hand you your wish, (if only it were that easy) you must put a lot of work, energy, focus and gratitude into your request. Often, ritual results can take a great deal of time as well; the Lwa work in their own time frame, however, most see movement in their lives, results and often, a resolution within 20-60 days after completion of the ritual or spiritual work. In my experience, your commitment to your spiritual work, evolution and faith expedites your resolution on any situation.


  1. The article is well written but lacks scientific evidence to support Voodoo’s claims. It would be more convincing if there were empirical data included. Nevertheless, it is an interesting read.

  2. Interesting article, although I have some doubts about the effectiveness of Voodoo in modern times. Ancient beliefs do offer fascinating insights into human nature and spirituality.

    • I agree, Stephanie. While it’s intriguing, it’s also important to approach such topics with a healthy degree of skepticism.

  3. While I appreciate the historical context given, I find it hard to believe that ancient practices can affect our lives today in such specific ways. The notion of karma and divine intervention is universal, but Voodoo’s specific practices seem less credible to me.

  4. The different names for the divine messengers (Lwa, Loas, Orishas, Nkisis, Invisibles or Mysteries) are great, showing cultural diversity. But I’m a bit skeptical about the effectiveness. After all, belief is often subjective.

  5. One thing I find important is the idea of personal responsibility. The article highlights that change hinges on our willingness to recognize our own contributions to problems, which is very practical advice.

    • Absolutely, Betty. The emphasis on self-reflection and commitment to spiritual work is something that transcends Voodoo and can be applied to many aspects of life.

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