Love Spells that Work in Strange Ways

Love Spells that Work in Strange Ways

Maybe you are a witch, or a spell caster and you have never done a spell that would work on a specific person, but you did things like drive romantic intentions to the universe. Sometimes witches would not like to cast spells and whatever changes that you want to have to start with you.

Maybe you set up a spell because you have been tired of who you are dating, and you wanted to break up with them. This could have been a toxic relationship that you needed to get out of. This might have allowed you to break up and to have change.

When you cast a spell, you will want to make sure that you get rid of the business of the space of love. You need to have a candle and ask healing to come to you in your heart. This can be wounds that have been there from past relationships.

You can use a candle that is red, pink, or white and complete a ritual.


Rituals are more than intentions, but they are actions. You can do these anywhere and you can even do it in your room. There is no special table or work station that you need. The candle can stay burning for day s and when you sit in front of it, always have good intentions.


Imagine and envision what you want in your life. This is the important thing about casting magic spells. You need to know what you want and be specific. Ask the universe to bring you someone that you like and imagine what they look like, who they will act like and what they will do to make you happy.

Imagine that you are spending holidays together and then tell the universe what a deal breaker is such as having someone come that smokes or drinks.

Be very authentic in what you want and always make sure that your intentions are right and strong.

Black Magic

Do not use black magic because it can come back to hurt you. Always remember that when you do spells that you should do them for a positive reason.

Using negative spells can backfire and cause you to miss out on good things in your life. Be careful what kind of magic that you do and what your intentions are.


Many witches have been doing magic spells for years. Some do these spells to find love, money, and other things in their life.

If you choose to do a spell, read more about it, and find out how it can affect you in both a positive and a negative way in your life.