Love Spell Symptoms

Love Spell Symptoms

Love is something that can be very confusing, and everyone wants certain things when they fall in love. If you want someone to love you and someone that you have strong feelings for in your life, you can have that and it can be one of the best feelings you have ever had.

One problem with love is that some people will deal with unrequited love. Unrequited love is something we all want to avoid and when you get rejected by someone, it can make you feel upset and make you feel that your world is falling apart.

Love spells are something that are popular because of things like unrequited love. But when you do not have emotions for someone that is casting a love spell on you, the love spell might not work. Would you want to be with someone that you don’t really love? No one would want that.

If you find yourself always thinking of someone that you normally wouldn’t like, chances are that someone might have put a love spell on you.

Love spells are there and if someone loves you and you don’t share the same feelings, they can cast a love spell on you and this can cause things to happen to you that you cannot be in control of.

If you find all of a sudden that you are thinking about someone that you normally would never like, you might have a love spell cast on you.

Symptoms of a Love Spell

Maybe there is someone that you know or someone you have never met before and all of a sudden you want them. You want to be with them and near them and you begin to do whatever it takes to be close to them.

The important thing of knowing about a love spell is that these feelings will come out of nowhere. You might wake up out of nowhere and want this person.

Mood Change

One of the most known signs of a love spell is that you have a mood change. You can be happy and relaxed at one point and then all of a sudden stressed and frustrated.

Maybe you feel sad or irritated and you feel that your life has no meaning. Once you see something about this person or spend time with them, your mood becomes happy.


If you are always thinking about this person, your life will be affected. Chances are that you will not get things done that you need to do, and you may get to the point where you don’t even like your job anymore.

Missing a lot of work or being late all the time can mean you are paying more attention to that person than you are things in your life.

Forgetting You

Forgetting to clean up, shave, cut your nails, brush your hair, brush your teeth, or take care of yourself can mean that you are paying attention to something other than yourself.

Maybe you don’t notice these actions, but your family and friends begin to tell you how worried they are about you.

Under Their Control

Being the object of affection can mean that you are going out at midnight for ice cream or that you will miss your work so that you can watch a movie or hang out with them. If they ask you to go on a trip, you will do it.

If they ask you to do things that are not like you and you say yes, chances are that you are under their control and they have a love spell on you.

What if You Are Under a Spell?

These symptoms can show up if you are under a love spell. If you feel that you are stuck in some kind of situation then chances are you have a love spell cast on you. Do not be afraid and learn to do a cleansing ritual.

Being protected by spells will help you to be grounded and strong. When you do a cleansing ritual on yourself, you will see that your mind and body can change because of the detox of the spell.

You can ask a psychic to help you to get rid of a spell and let them advise you on how to take care of who you are.


When you are changing what you want and your desires, chances are you are under a love spell. Someone may have used black magic on you.

If you find you have changes in your mood or personality, out of nowhere, then this can be a major sign that you have a spell cast on you.

You will not be under the influence of this person for very long as long as you try the cleansing rituals. You will be back to yourself in no time at all.