Guide to Love Spells

Guide to Love Spells

You can cast a spell during any kind of weather or whatever is going on around you. Magic can be seen in all emotions, and it can especially be seen in love.

Understanding Love Spells

Love spells use positive energy to make you have a strong intention. You can then take these emotions and put action towards them, and the love spell can make love happen. This can go from falling in love to having a strong commitment to love and care.

A spell is to put someone into a trance or to charm someone. A love spell can bring affection to a person, and it can cause love to be experienced. This is a way that a spell can be made to bring true love or to have a lover return or get rid of problems in the relationship.

Should You Use a Love Spell?

Love spells can be used for any age. They can help you by using the energy of the universe. Love spells can bring people back together. If you have done spells or not, you can cast spells that can make your life better.

What Are You Wanting?

You need to know what you want in your life. If you want to get a new love, you need to know this or if you want to bring back an ex-lover, this is something that you need to know. Your soulmate might be on your mind, and you might want to do a spell to bring a soulmate to your life. There are so many things that you might want to use a love spell for. The universe wants to bring happiness to your life.

Think about what you want in your life and think about the challenges that you have to face. You need to be willing to move forward and if commitment happens then you will get the love that you want in your life.

Do You Believe in Love?

Some people don’t even realize that they don’t even believe in love. You have to believe in love, and you have to believe in the spells to see them come true. Magic is real but it works against different energies and if your energies aren’t pure and if your energies aren’t positive then you will never see the love come true.

If you walk into a room and you are positive and have good energy, then people will be attracted to you, and this can help you to find love. If you want to have a new love in your life, you need to believe that the spell is going to work and call it to your life.

Believe in the Magic

Rather you have ever done a spell or not, you need to find a way to believe in it if you are going to use it. Even when the spell takes longer than you want it to, you need to believe it will work. If you start believing that it isn’t going to work, then it won’t. Make sure that you have faith, and you believe.

Love spells work because people believe that they will work, and that the universe wants you to be happy. The magic can guide you.

How Do Love Spells Work?

Love spells work because you send the energies to the universe. You need to let them take their time to work and here are other things to consider:

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you send out to the universe will come back to you. If you are using this to cast a spell, be positive and send out love into the universe so that it can come back to you. This will be an important part of making the spell work.

The aura around you is full of energy and you can use this to send out positive thoughts and whatever you want the spell to do. This is important for the spell.


Think about what you want and make sure that you are sure about your desire. Be strong in what you are thinking and visualizing. Make sure that you are using pure energy and that your thoughts are aligned with the universe. This will make your magic strong.

Having a Clean Aura

Your aura needs to be strong and clean. Get rid of any negativity in your life. Cleanse your aura so that you can attract goodness in your life. This can help you to find your soulmate.

Even when you are trying to get a lost lover back, you need to make sure that your aura is clean because a dirty aura will cause love spells to be full of negative thoughts. Positivity will draw in love faster.


Focus on the love around you when you are casting spells. Make sure that you are very detailed in what you want and what you are not distracted. Pay attention to the ingredients and meditate and perform it in a quiet place.

Wanting the Spells to Work

Make sure that you have faith in the spelling and that you are genuine in what you believe. Stay positive.


Set good intentions and make sure that you aren’t trying to harm or hurt anyone. Be careful about what intentions you are setting. Don’t do anything that is going to harm someone and make sure that you believe that you deserve and need this love in your life.

Never spell a spell with bad intentions or evil thoughts. This can come back to you, and it will cause you to miss out on love and other things.

Choosing the Right Spell

Whenever you are ready to do a spell, you need to look at what you are going through. You can attract and find love, but you can get rid of people that are trying to harm your relationship, as well. There are different reasons to use a love spell.

  • Finding a Soulmate

One of the most common spells is the finding a soulmate spell. This is done when you want to attract your soulmate to you, and you are open and ready to find love.

  • Returning a Lost Lover

If you have lost your lover and your heart is broken and you want the relationship back, this is the spell to use. If they have walked away or taken another partner or you walked away, this spell can bring love back to your life and make your bond stronger.

  • Getting Rid of Problems

When you want to get rid of problems that are happening in your relationship, you can do this spell. This can cause healing in your relationship, and it can get you back to where your bond just started.

  • Proposal

If you want your partner to propose to you, you can do these spells. They might not instantly propose but they will be ready to spend their life with you.

  • Faithful Partner

When you want to make sure that your partner is going to be faithful to you and won’t cheat on you, do this spell and you will see that you can be strong in your relationship.

  • Sending Away Someone Unwanted

If someone is trying to break up your relationship, you can use the break up spell to get rid of this person so that they can’t bother you in your relationship anymore.

  • Lusting Feelings

If you have lost the spark in your relationship and you want to get it back, this spell can make you have more lust for each other.

  • Rekindling Love

When your love has lost the spark and you no longer feel that you are as strong, you can do this spell and you can make the spark come back.

  • Binding Spells

These spells can get someone to bind to you and they will only care and love you and not anyone else.

Making the Spells Successful

Love spells can be very successful, and they can work better because they have pure energy around them. A love spell can be powerful just because you want love in your life. There are other things that you can add to the spell to make it more potent and to bring more joy to your life.

By using the right ingredients and by using the right phases of the moon or the right day, you can make a magic spell be successful.

There are some spells that can work just because of the energy that you use, and you can use different tools to cast a spell such as voodoo dolls, herbs, candles and more.


Timing is an important thing when it comes to doing a spell. Fridays are normally a good day to cast spells because it is the day of Venus, and this can be a love day. It also is helpful to use the full moon to do some spells. Here are some of the best days to do spells:

  • Best days: Monday and Friday.
  • Best moon phases: Full moon, Waxing moon.
  • Best season: Summer.
  • Best full moons: December, June, May.

When you want to have love and see it be more powerful, you can use the moon to help you. You will see that that the moon can help to make love grow and that you can grow energy again and again. Lighting a candle will also bring intentions to the full moon and the full moon can stop a spell and let energy go into the universe. Some spell casters use the new moon to cast spells because this is a time when all things are new.


It is always important to make sure that you use the proper ingredients when you are casting a spell. Pay attention to amounts, to colors and to the different kinds of oils and herbs that the spell calls for.

Using the right ingredients will enforce the spell to work better and it will have the power to work. You can make your love spells stronger with tools and other things and you can use different herbs such as lavender, rose, lilac, cayenne pepper and more.

Flowers are often used to help grow a desire or sometimes a spell will call for a picture because this can pull the energy from the object of the spell. You can make an altar and you can set up different things to do your spell work such as crystals and other things associated with love. Some energy will need to be made by doing the spell by moonlight.

You can make a spell more personal by adding words or items from yourself or from your lover. Some love spells will use books to guide them, and you can combine these things with what you need and do your chanting as you concentrate on the spell.

The most important part is to make sure that you have strong intentions and that you have faith in the spell before you ever begin to do it.

Love Colors

People that think of love might associate it with a color. Some will think of colors as lustful, too. Red, for example, is associated with passion while pink is associated with love. You can use a light pink candle to attract love into your life and you can make this stronger by wearing something that color when you do the spell so you can draw in that energy.

Wearing a pink item each day that you do the spell will help you to remember your desires and will help you to focus on your pure heart and what you want. You can use this to attract and grow the relationship the way that you want.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have the right ingredients, it doesn’t mean that the spell will not work but it might take longer. Having a strong intention is really the only ingredient that you have to have.

Be Confident

Always be confident when you are using ingredients and tools to cast a spell. The more confidence that you have the more successful your spell will be.

What a Love Spell Can’t Do

A love spell cannot make someone that you have never met fall in love with you. It can’t put feelings into someone that has no feelings for you. Love spells work by taking the feelings that are already there and enhancing them.

One thing about a love spell is that it isn’t going to work negatively and cause someone to give up their free will for love. Spells will clear out negativity or negative feelings that were there and replace them with positive thoughts, which isn’t harmful to anyone.

Having truth and being genuine will be part of making a love spell work. You need to wish for something, and you really have to want that love back and you have to really want the person that you are casting the spell on to make it work.

Spells will help people to realize that they have love for you by pushing away things that have gotten in the way of love such as stress, jealousy, or other negative feelings. You might even have different kinds of blockages in your love life that are working against you and are stopping you from reaching your goals.

Three-Fold Law

The Law of Threefold says that whatever you put into the universe is going to come back to you threefold. You need to make sure that you are listening to this Wiccan law and that you are prepared when you cast a spell for things to come back to you.

Make sure that you are putting good things into the universe and that you aren’t trying to take away free will or hurt anyone or it can come back to you. If you need help, hire a professional to cast the spell.


Love spells are meant to bring goodness into life and not to cause harm. When people want to be together, these spells can create a stronger bond, they are not meant to be manipulative or to take away free will. You can cast a spell with a pure heart, and this is a powerful thing. You should only use love magic when you have a pure heart and not when you are trying to hurt someone.

The more experience that you have with spell casting, the better you will understand how the spells work. When you have real and honest love, you will see that the energies will clear a path to love for you. This can mean that you can meet your soulmate, bring back an ex or open up your life to love.

This kind of spell will open up the feelings between you and your partner to make your bond stronger and will block out negative energies that are trying to stop you from having successful relationships.

Making Love Spells Work

The thing to make a love spell work is to have faith in it and to have positive energies inside of you. You can direct your good energies to whoever you want to direct them to. Having these energies can make your partner realize that they love you more than they realized it and they can bring magic back into the relationship.

Love spells work with the law of energy and this says that whatever you want in your life you can get as long as you are asking for things that are bringing good things into your life and into the life of others. You can do the spell to help make the right amount of energy go into the universe and this mean to be pure and have goodness and good intentions connected to it.

Stay Quiet

One thing about casting a spell is that you need to be quiet. You don’t want to tell people that you have cast a spell because it can thwart the energy. Make sure that you are holding this energy inside of you and you are focusing instead on the energy of the spell.

Even after the spell works, you don’t want the energy to leave. Keep the spell to yourself and don’t tell others what you have done. Sometimes a spell takes more than just words to see that they work, and you need to stay positive and keep good intentions. Never take magic as something silly or easy and know it is powerful.

Stay Positive

Being positive is one of the biggest things when it comes to casting a spell. Always stay positive and keep your mind clear and clean. Have a heart that is open to love and send positive vibrations out into the universe. Have an intense desire to see change, and you will have more chances of it working for you.


  1. The Law of Attraction mentioned here has been discussed in various self-help contexts. It makes sense that focusing on positive thoughts might improve one’s chances of finding love.

  2. I’m not sure how scientifically valid this concept of ‘aura’ is. But, the idea that our intentions and mindset influence outcomes is quite interesting.

  3. The article have some merit in emphasizing the importance of positive energy. However it fails to adress the ethical implications of manipulating others emotions with magic.

  4. Love spells seems like a placebo effect to me. If you believe in them, they might work because you are subconsciously making efforts to improve your love life.

  5. The notion of ‘believing in magic’ as a requisite for spells to work is intriguing. The psychological aspect of belief and its influence on outcomes could be an interesting research topic.


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