Freezing Rituals for Protection

psychic Freezing Rituals

psychic Freezing RitualsRituals are wonderful. They allow you to invite the spirit into your life to help manifest the highest good. If they are faithfully practiced then a deep transformation can occur ad strengthen the core of your being. You can even manifest a protective shield around yourself.

The freezing ritual is used for deflecting situations and people that are unreasonable. This protects you from their negative energy when you have to interact. This freezing allows you to move joyfully and authentically through life. This also eliminates unnecessary drains on the emotions and spirit. Freezing can be used to rebalance and restore so you do not remain stuck in conflict.

To create a freezing ritual, you will need the following:

  • Incense (optional)
  • A single white or qua votive candle
  • A single pebble (or seashell)
  • Pen
  • Small Ziplock bag
  • A piece of brown paper (bag)
  • Salt
  • White or aqua outfit

To begin, play meditation music and sit near running water. This ritual may start being effective within a couple hours, depending on freeze time. Light the incense and use it to light the candle. While holding the incense upright, pass the pebble through the smoke three times then put the pebble on the table, above the paper.

On the paper, write out your request to the universe as far as freezing the negative coming from a specific person or situation. Always end with writing “And I will do my part”, then sign and date the request at the bottom.

Fold the paper in half, then in half a second time. Place the paper and pebble into the Ziplock bag with a sprinkle of salt and fill it with water to cover the paper. Leave a little room at the top to account for expansion.  Seal the bag and put it in the freezer where it cannot be bothers.

After 12, possibly 24 hours, check on the bag. If the ice is clear, foggy, frozen, or cracked in an odd shape, then it is working as the energy congeals. Energies with extreme nature may need repeated freezing. If the situation has not improved in two days, try again, but leave both bags in the freezer. This can be repeated up to three times. The bag or bags should remain in the freezer at least three months after the situation has resolved.


  1. While I’m skeptical of such practices, I do believe the act could have a placebo effect and reduce stress levels.

  2. Interesting perspective on rituals. I think the freezing ritual can be an effective psychological tool for some people.

    • Yes, the notion of using physical objects to symbolize emotional states or desires can be quite powerful.

  3. It is intriging how different cultures have unique methods for dealing with negativity. This freezing ritual is certainly something different.

  4. The idea of using a pebble and paper in this context is quite novel. applications of ritualistic methods can vary widely.

  5. I wonder if there are any scientific studies that have been done on these kinds of rituals and their effects on people psychologicaly.

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