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Easier Way To End A Relationship

   Ending a relationship with someone is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you still love the person or not, it will always be hard to end things with someone. A part of you will be torn and knowing that you’ll hurt someone isn’t the best feeling either. Spell caster helps in this area when they created a spell for ending a relationship that will help things to be less difficult.


Light a white, unscented candle with a match. Take a deck of cards and select one.   This card will represent you. Now choose a card that  represents the  other  person. Take out the  two of spades (this represents friendship). Select  the  four of diamonds to represent and ending. Put the  card that  you chose for the  other  person in front of you. Place the  two of spades and the four of diamonds on it, face up. Put the  card representing you on top  and say;

Let There Be An Ending
Let There Remain Friendship
Let Us See  That We Were Wrong Without Blame  And Without Hard Feelings So It Will Be And So It Shall Be.

This ritual should  be performed every day. Within a matter of weeks, sometimes sooner the  relationship should  start to cool  off. This rite is particularly useful for when  you wish to remain friends with the  other person.

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