Doing Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo is a kind of magic that came from cultures in Africa. It is also closely knitted with the African shamanism traditions and is influenced by Roman Catholicism. These are spells that use the spirits that are called Lwa, and they are done by Voodoo priests or priestesses or mambos or Hougans. The spirits are called on when a favor is needed. Voodoo magic is not considered good or evil.

When you first start trying to cast spells, you might want to try different magic systems. Voodoo is a magic that has been known all over the world and it is considered to be effective and good form of magic. You can ask a Voodoo priest to cast a love spell for you or you can try to do one on your own. You should try your best to understand this kind of magic before doing any spell.

Kinds of Love Voodoo Magic

There are different problems that can happen in romantic relationships. You might see that one person is more interested in the love than the other person. Once there are two people that are together in a relationship, you might find that one will cheat or get bored in the relationship, or they might decide they have fallen out of love.

Voodoo has love spells that focus on the problems that someone faces in their relationship. Even if you want to find a partner that is new to come into your life, there are spells that can be used.

What to Avoid in Voodoo Magic

Voodoo has been known to be associated with different kinds of dark magic and even though you can use these spells for good, you need to make sure that you are prepared in case any consequences come from it. If someone casts a spell for you, they will not be able to stop the powers from turning against you instead of the person that you want to cast the spell on.

If you have anger or other negative emotions, you need to try to get help getting rid of these feelings and once you do that it will be easier to do a love spell that will reach the highest good.

Voodoo is like other folk magic because it uses pictures, body parts, hair, or other things to bind the person that you are doing the spell on to you. Love spells will need to have these kinds of items as well. You might not care about being bound to another person in a positive way but when you cast these kinds of spells to ruin a relationship, make sure that you understand what you are getting.

Before you ask a Voodoo caster to cast a love spell for you, make sure that you know what you are giving you energy to.

Wrong Thoughts on Voodoo Love Spells

Some movies and shows look at Voodoo wrongly. The portray it as something evil. This doesn’t mean that Voodoo is evil, and the spells can be more powerful and more effective because it is closer to nature energies. When taking what nature has for you, it can make your intentions stronger, and it can cause results to happen faster.

How to Do Voodoo

There are different practices that are done in Voodoo. This can be used by spells, potions, incenses, candles, and other things. Spells start with giving thanks to the elements and the spirits and then there are tools such as Voodoo dolls that can be used.

There are dolls that can bring intention and energy and can store these things in the phyiscal so that a person can focus on their desires. Once the spell is done, the doll is undone, and the energy goes back into the universe.

Making Your Love Life Better

Voodoo spells can be used if you want to have peace in y our love life. Some people have problems in their relationships, and they go and do or get someone to do Voodoo spells to heal them and to support them. If you are getting counseling about your relationship, Voodoo can help to make the process stronger, and you can feal faster.

Finding Love with Voodoo

Some single people will use Voodoo to help them find a lover. You might not know the person at first, but they will come to you, and they will make you happy. True love can come from many places, and you can find your soulmate.

Voodoo and Marriage

Once you are married, you might think that things will go great but that isn’t always true. You can have troubles when you are married, and the troubles can last for a long time. You might find that you need energy to make your partner love you again.

Voodoo spells can help you to go back into your honeymoon phase and you can start loving each other where it started. You will want your partner now even more than you did at the beginning.

Love spells can help you to have love that you want in your life and if you do the spells right, you can find that you can have real love in your life.

The Spirits and Lwa

Spells can work when you do them. Voodoo uses one god, Bondye. This is a being where all things came from including life and energy. There is no distinction between anything living. It has no regard for what a person deserves or doesn’t deserve. There is a saying that says, “The sun shines on the good and evil.”

There are other spirits called Lwa which are there to help you create different circumstances and making there more power in your hands.

The spirits can be called on and asked to help you when you are doing spells and they will sometimes come and assist people. There is one god in this thought and the spirits thrive on the energy form this god.

Known Lwa Gods for Love

Here are some of the most known love deities:

Papa Legba

This is one you can call on when you need to get rid of things that are blocking you from reaching the things that you want in your life. He can help you with problems in love or clear your path and can unblock your power and intuition if something is blocking it.


This is the spirit of love that brings love, fertility, peace, joy, and beauty. She can give your life in your spirit and help you to love yourself more.

Damballah Wedo

This is one that is compassionate and is an elder. He looks out for his children and will get rid of negative energies out of your life.

Doing Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo love spells are there when you call upon Lwa. You can do this to get rid of things that are blocking you from being able to do your spells. You can use the power of these to go in a trance or to get things that you need for your spells. After you cast a spell, you can see the power through a potion or a luck charm. Not all Voodoo spell casters will use potions or amulets, and some will not use anything representing something physically.

What Can Voodoo Love Spells Do for You?

Voodoo spells have different purposes, and it depends on what you want when you are doing your spells.

Most Popular Love Spells

The most popular spells are love spells. You can use the spells to make a relationship better, to bring love, and more. You can do this, but you must have an intention that isn’t being selfish. This can cause negative energies to come to you or can hurt you or damage the spell.

Make Someone Attracted to You Spell

Magic has a way of bringing good and bad consequences. If you are the subject of a love spell, you become linked to the spell caster. This can be forever or temporary. Don’t cast spells if you aren’t ready for anything to happen.

Have Someone Fall for You Spell

Some people use Voodoo to make someone fall in love with them. This can make you look desperate, or it can be something that you use as a last resort. This can make someone fall for you.

Return a Lost Love Spell

When you need an ex to come back to you, you might consider Voodoo magic. You can do this to fix a relationship, to get rid of someone in your life that is causing your harm or to break people up.

Preparing Before a Spell

Voodoo is a type of magic that you need to prepare for. There are spell kits that you can buy if you want to have help doing your Voodoo spell or you can do your own. This means that you will do chants and other things and you might need some kind of professional help with this.

It is a good idea to make sure that you are cleansed before you do any kind of Voodoo spell. This can get rid of negativity before you even get started doing the ritual.

Make Someone Fall in Love with You Spell

It doesn’t matter if you are just romantic or if you want to make someone fall in love with you. You can do spells to find love. Some people will resort to magic as their last shot. Some people want to have a partner that is going to love them and to be loyal to them and they will use spells. Other people want to get back an ex.

Doing a spell is powerful and if the spell caster focuses on the spell and what is needed then they will get the results that they want. If you don’t have the right ingredients and tools, you can still do this love spell with Voodoo magic.

Ingredients for a Make Someone Fall in Love with you Spell

  • Large white pillar candle.
  • Thorn from a rosebush.
  • 2 voodoo dolls.
  • A foot of blue yarn.

Casting a Make Someone Fall in Love with You Spell

Don’t do this spell until a full moon. Use the thorn and write, “my true love come to me,” 3 times in the candle and then light the candle. Focus on how you want your lover to feel about you.

Take the ribbon and tie a knot on the end and say, “My true love come to me.” Tie five more knots and then say the words each time.

Repeat the phrase and then take the voodoo dolls and tie them together with the yarn. Set them by the candle and then say the phrase until the candles burn out or when you need to blow it out.

Take the thorn, the dolls, the candle and tie them in the blue ribbon and then put them in your closet. The spell is not to manipulate anyone but to get someone to get your true love feelings. Let go of expectations and once you get your results, return the items to nature.

Easy Erzulie Love Spells

Write the persons name that you want to fall in love with on paper 13 times. Put a peacock feather the paper under your pillow at bedtime and say the person’s name 13 times.

Do this for 3 nights. On the fourth night, you need to light a red candle, take a bath for 13 minutes and think of the person that you want to fall in love with.

Dream about that person when you go to sleep and when you wake up you need to hide the paper and take the peacock feather somewhere that the person will touch it. This needs to be sure that they are the first one to touch it. Be careful with this spell.

These spells need to work with magic and shouldn’t be done to hurt anyone or to bring negativity.

Soulmate Voodoo Spell

This spell is good if you want to find your soulmate. If you want to use the items, you can but you can also use a candle for the spell that is full of your intentions. If you want to do the spell and find real love in your life, you won’t have some of the tools maybe that are needed. Don’t let that stop you from doing this spell. You can use the Voodoo power and the energies of the universe to find love.

Don’t joke or even talk about casting spells. Look at what you need and set good intentions. Make sure that you believe in the power of the spell. You can get a future spouse and find real love. It doesn’t matter how bad your love history is this can turn that all around.

Love spells can be amazing if you use them to find love and if you want to make the energies strong inside of you for love.

Ingredients for a Soulmate Voodoo Spell

  • Pink candle.
  • Pink construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper bag.
  • String.
  • Call upon Erzulie

Casting a Soulmate Voodoo Spell

Cleanse the candle and then cut out a Voodoo doll out of the construction paper. Write all the things that you want from your partner on one side. Write anything that you can think of and let the power build up.

Drip candle from the wax onto the doll and then when it is completely covered. Call on Erzulie to come to you and to bring you love. Be honest with what you want and make sure that you are building up a lot of energy. Take your time on this. Snuff out the candle and then repeat the last step for the next two days.

On the last day, the third day, put the doll in a paper bag and tie it with a string so it is totally closed. Hide this under your bed until your soulmate comes. Once they come, thank Erzulie and then return the package to the earth by burying it in the ground, putting it into a lake or a river or burning it.

Those Who Do Voodoo

If you aren’t able to reach your goals, you can use Voodoo magic. If you are fearful of doing this magic or it doesn’t seem to work for you, you can call on someone that is experienced to do this magic for you.

How Can a Voodoo Caster Help You?

  • They can see things the way that they are without being limited by human eyes.
  • They can harness the power in their bodies.
  • They can help you focus on your desire.
  • They can turn your goals into reality.

Some people are able to travel into the spiritual world while others aren’t able to. Since there are people that can’t, some will hire a Voodoo spell caster to help them cast their spells. You can hire someone if you need them to help you. In ancient times, people would hire someone that was a farmer or a butcher to do spells for them.

How many times will you need a love spell? The truth is this should only be one time. Don’t neglect your relationship and make sure that you nurture it.

Like other religions, Voodoo is often done because someone is greedy. Be careful who you give your money to in order to cast a spell for you. Make sure you aren’t wasting your money, or you aren’t hiring someone that will cause the spell to backfire on you or come back on you negatively.

Be sure of what your intent is and make sure that you are using this to make your life better and not to control someone. Humans that have the wrong intentions can face bad consequences. Always use integrity when hiring a Voodoo spell caster.


  1. The emphasis on love spells might overshadow the broader applications and cultural significance of Voodoo. A more inclusive portrayal of its practices would be more enlightening.

    • I agree with Gumdrop; Voodoo is a rich and complex tradition with applications beyond just love. Highlighting its multifaceted nature would provide a better understanding of its importance.

    • Indeed, focusing solely on love spells can lead to a narrow perception of Voodoo. More information on its healing practices and spiritual guidance would be beneficial.

  2. The article provides an overview of Voodoo, but does not delve deeply into the historical and cultural contexts. Understanding the significance of Lwa requires a more nuanced approach. Additionally, the ethics and potential consequences of using such spells should be considered more thoroughly.

  3. While the post was informative, there is a lack of critical analysis on the misuse of Voodoo in media portrayals. The article could benefit from examining how these misconceptions perpetuate stigmatization against practitioners.

  4. It’s helpful to learn about the different spirits and their roles, but the article seems to oversimplfy the process of casting Voodoo spells. There are many layers to Voodoo practice that require respecrful engagement and deep understanding.

  5. Interesting read– though I’d appreciate more academic references to substantiate the information presented. There’s a lot to explore about the syncretic nature of Voodoo and its impact on diverse cultures both in Africa and the diaspora.


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