Do You Have a Spell on You?

Do You Have a Spell on You?

Do You Have a Spell on You?Love spells are used to make someone to love you or to bring someone in your life.  Could you tell if a love spell was put on you?  When the universe works with wisdom and knowledge, some people will cast spells to get what they want in a relationship and you can tell if you are a victim of a spell.

Feel Strange

One of the signs of having a spell put on you is that you feel differently than you felt before.  You might feel like you have a fog in your mind and have a hard time paying attention.  You might begin to do things that you wouldn’t do before and want to go places you didn’t want to visit before.

You might even start habits or start dressing differently.  The thing you will know for sure is that you are feeling different and you aren’t sure why.  Pay attention to what you are feeling and talk to a friend about it.


All of a sudden, you might feel that you are attracted to someone that you never were interested in before.  You begin to imagine yourself being with them and doing stuff with them.  You spend nights having a hard time sleeping because you can’t stop thinking about them.

If you are already with someone else, you might have more fights and not be getting along.  This might have seemed to come out of nowhere.

What to Do

If you begin to feel that things are different and that you have become a victim of a spell, you have to stop the spell so that things will go back to normal.

Some people will try to go away and be alone but the best way to get rid of a spell is to stick with people that remind you of who you are.

You also can reach out to someone and have them to stop the spell or break the spell.  A magic worker can break the spell and can even put it back on the person who put it on you.

If you don’t want to be under a spell, point out in front of the mirror and tell the spell to go back to the universe or to on the person who put it on you and thank the universe for helping you.