Divination and Other Psychic Gifts


Divination is the way that you can use your psychic giftings such as clairvoyance in order to create magic. You can clear your mind and learn to believe in yourself and your intuition and use it to manifest things into your life.

Use divination to reach the secrets of the universe. Divination is a way to know the future in a clear way. You can find out what will happen if you keep living your life on the path that you are taking or what can happen if you make changes.

Sometimes people think that fortune telling is confusing and they watch it in movies, and they think that it is fake or a folklore.

No one is able to really know what the future is going to bring because of free will but people can look at insight and look at the higher consciousness in order to figure out what will happen if things do not change. This is a way to bring clarity to the situations that you face and to see things from a different perspective.

You can use different types of divination and you can even use divination in your spellcasting or rituals that you do.

Kinds of Divination

There are different forms of divination, and it is important that you understand more of it before you choose to use it. As with other things, learning is one way that you can get comfortable with something that you don’t quite understand.

Divination methods are different depending on how you use them. Once you understand divination, you will use your own concepts and make them personal to you.

There are many different divination methods that are known because they have been passed down from generation to generation.

Tarot Divination

Tarot is one way that you can tell the future by using cards. You can do a simple reading and find out what you want to get information into. Use the spread of cards in order to understand things and interpret it for yourself or for others.

Scrying Divination

Scrying is another form of divination that you can use in order to get visions. You can get visions depending on what you look at such as a body of water, a crystal ball or even a mirror in order to change your state of being and to make you more aware.

Some people will see visions and others will see words or symbols that they can piece together to know more about the future.

Pendulum Divination

Some people will use pendulums because it is an easy way for using divination. This is a way to get yes and no answers to questions that you need answers to.

The pendulum will be tied to a chain or a string and held up and the reader will ask questions. Depending on which way the pendulum swings will be determined on what answer you get.

I Ching Divination

The ancient Chinese divination is called I Ching and is one that is used with a book called the “Book of Changes.” This is often used now, and you can use coins and a pen in order to ask your questions. Once you ask the question, you throw the coin, and the coin will tell you your answers.

Rune Divination

Rune divination is often like tarot cards, but you use stones or wood instead. There are runic symbols that are common, but it was often used by Elder Futhark, and he created there to be 24 or 25 runes.

There are two ways that people can use runes and the first one is to cast them on a table or cloth and decide the meaning and the second way is to pick different runes out of a bag and make a spread like a tarot spread.

Ogham Divination

Ogham divination was used by Celtic Ogham and is an alphabet that is carved into stones. This can be used by asking questions and then taking 1 to 5 of the staves out of a bag and reading the meaning of them.

Bone Divination

Bone divination is a lot like rune divination. You ask a question and then toss the bones and see what kind of guidance they give you.

This is not often used because people do not like to use bones, but many Animist witches will use this method of divination because they have a strong connection to bones.

Candle Divination

Candle divination is used by looking at the candle and how it burns. The reader can get answers to their question by the way that the candle burns, the wax melts, the smoke, and the flame go.  You can ask the candle questions and get answers.

Crystal Divination

Many psychics will use crystals and they will use the crystals to find out the future. There are three black crystals that you can use that can tell you about the future. There are different crystals that are put into a bag and the reader will pull them out and answer the questions.

All black can mean no, all white can mean yes, two whites and one black can mean most likely to be a yes and two black and one white can mean most likely to be a no answer.

Tea Leave Divination

Tea leave divination is an easy way to tell the future by reading the tea leaves. Most people do not have enough tea leaves to get answers but now days, many people use coffee and wine to swirl around and get the answers that they need.

Tea leave divination is one way to read symbols in order to predict what the future is going to hold.