Casting Magick Spells: What to Know

Casting Magick Spells

We all have little rituals and traditions in life, like picking off petals for the love me not daisies, throwing coins in a wishing well, or splitting a wishbone, but these simple acts are more profound than you could imagine. They are all magick spells which means if you have ever partaken, you have been a spellcaster to some degree.

The term “magick” originated with Aleister Crowley who changed the spelling to differentiate what he was doing from stage magic. Crowley counded the occultist religion, Thelema, in the early 1900s and believed magick was unique because it helped push people toward their destiny instead of meddling in the universe and hurting the natural course of the universe which can happen with regular magic. There are three different types of magick that include:

  • Celestial Magick – This is when you are influencing the connection between the celestial and tangible stratums.
  • Ceremonial Magick – This is when magick is performed by a righteous figure who has spiritual authority, often ritualistic and for a large group of people.
  • Natural Magick – This is utilizing natural resources and properties to conduct energy for or during spell work.

Much like other forms of divination, spell work is focused on the idea that within all of us exists an intricate cosmos of energy that is linked to the energy of the rest of the universe. Some believe this energy reflects the universe’s energy. This means that our feelings, thoughts, and actions are influenced by celestial activity. Keeping this in mind, spell work recognizes your energy and magnifies it to direct it to a specific person or issue. Spell casting does not require specific training or rules to be effective. Most prefer a more organic route using earthly ingredients and let their intentions take over. The focus on intention is what differentiates a normal action from a spell. The act of lighting a candle, a verbal incantation, or even burning sage is only spell casting when the action is acknowledged as such. The rituals and meaningful articles are vehicles for channeling our energy to fulfill the intention of the time. They are not magickal alone.

It is important to remember that spells can be cast by anyone and while tips or training are not needed, it is useful to know a few tips to boost your spell from wish to manifestation. A few of these tips and tricks will be shared below.

  • Clear Purpose – There must be a clear purpose behind each spell in order to reap positive benefits. The most successful spells are cast when there is a strong yearning behind the channeled energy and a clear cut request made. Do not overcomplicate the purposes or you will receive diluted results.
  • Avoid Heightened Emotions – When emotions run high, we often have a clouded sense of reason. This can result in desires lacking legitimacy and we can receive manifestations that are not beneficial. When engaging in spell work, we need to be clear headed and neutral emotionally speaking.
  • Avoid Distractions – To effectively channel energy and keep intentions clear, we need to spell cast during a time that is shut off from external stimuli.

Each of the tips below are incredibly helpful for beginner spell casters, but it is also important to know the different spell attributes of a spell to understand how they come together. These are shared below.

  • Identifying Celestial Links – In this universe, all that is invisible and tangible is interconnected in some way. We can begin implementing these laws into spell work by working with celestial bodies that are connected to the spell, like focusing on Venus when casting for love.
  • Making Purposive Actions – Intentions are the key to successful spell work. Any object we choose to use or ritual performed will have a profound effect if they are meaningful to the caster in some way. For example, if the goal is to bring back an old lover than use two candles that are lit separately and then slowly brought together while an incantation is chanted. The two flames can then be brought together as one to symbolize reunification.
  • Forming Contagion – For many spells, the concept of contagion is desirable because it forms a connection between two items with the purpose of gifting it to someone, we hold dear. For example, a locket given to a loved one with intention creates an unbreakable bond that always exists. Holding an item linked to the person at the spell’s center will lead to powerful manifestations.
  • Repetition – A repetitive action serve to build energy even in spells and divination. When we repeat our intentions and remain persistent the odds of manifestation are greater. Also helpful is incorporating rhythm into a spell or verbal rhyming.
  • Protect Yourself – Spell casting leaves the caster in a vulnerable position for attack from external energies. With the soul open, anyone can gain access. To protect yourself, learn to form a defensive armor. Some do this by spell casting in front of a mirror to reflect away evil energies while others use protective crystals.

Ultimately, casting your first spell can be daunting, but do not let it keep you from reaching your full spell work potential. Spells must be cast for good, never harm and with an unemotional state of mind. Remember, your magick intentions are reflective of your soul, so make sure you are channeling positivity and love.