Cast Your Most Powerful Spell Today

Most Powerful Spell

You need patience to cast an effective love spell.  Begin by researching and performing simple spells and gradually build to more complex or powerful ones.  As you see easy love spells work, you can cultivate the ritual discipline to understand how magic influences behaviors and actions.

We have created a 12-step guide to help you perform successful love spells starting today:

Step 1:  Be patient

No love spell works instantly!  The only fast, but successful, love spell occurs in movies.  In the real world, it can take days, weeks, months, or even years for you to see results from your love spell.

Step 2:  Focus on quality

Prior to casting a spell, have a focused intention.  Ensure you are sure of your abilities or your spell might not work as you intend.  If you are not confident, you can enlist the help of a professional spellcaster to help guide and protect you from any danger.  Listen and honor your intuition before performing any rite.  It is important to only perform a spell when you are 100% confident.

Step 3: Be meticulous

A successful love spell should be succinct and focus.  Never perform spell work just for fun or power!  Enjoy you understand all the aspects of your love spell and language that is clear to you.

Step 4:  Get in touch with your feelings

It’s ok to be emotional, this ensure your heart is open and receptive to love.  Staying attached to your spell helps you avoid any confusion or misinterpretations.  Keep your chakras cleansed and balanced.  This is the step that any beginner should seek out professional spellcaster for assistance.

Step 5:  Gather your tools

Make sure you have everything your need and understand the spell instructions thoroughly.  Perhaps you need the right photograph or magical instrument.  Reread your instructions from any spellcaster that is helping you, since any misstep can produce horrendous consequences like infertility, loneliness, or sexual dysfunction.

Step 6:  Perform predictions

Before you cast a spell or perform any magic it is important you do some fortune-telling.  This way you know how this spell or ritual will impact your life or that of your object.  The answer you receive will help you decide if it is safe to perform the ritual much like how a doctor must examine their patient before prescribing medication.

Step 7: Set the space

Have sacred space, like an altar, to perform magic.  If you don’t have a preexisting sacred space, now is an excellent time to create one.

Step 8:  Dedicate time for the spell

Pick a specific day for the spell casting and treat it as special day.  This means you won’t leave your home on this particular day or perform any taxing activity.  It is also important receive visitors that day.  Avoid alcohol, drugs, or sexual activities that day.  If you are a female, select a date as far away from your menstruation as possible.

Step 9:  Cleanse yourself

It is important that you are clean and balanced for the spell to work.  Ensure the moon is in a waning phase for the spell to be successful.

Step 10:  Fast

Fasting during a new moon will help you not spoil anything.  It’s ok if you have never fasted before.  Avoid eating or drinking anything except for water.  It is important you abstain from smoking and sex as well.

Step 11:  Perform the spell

Now is the time to cast your spell.  Make sure you have honored each of the previous steps for your spell to work.  Ensure the moon is now in a waxing phase.  Perform the spell and wait, if you don’t feel any energy shifting, perform it again.

Step 12:  Perform a prediction again.

Fortune-telling after a spell casting helps confirm the spells outcome by the following.

  • You will sense if it’s successful
  • It will reveal if you have hurt yourself or the object of the ritual
  • It shows the potential of your love spell and possible magical repercussions
  • It will uncover if the object of your love spell has shifted their attitudes towards you.

This last step is essential to help you understand the outcomes of your love spell.  It will also help you get another chance to get aid from professional spellcasters as nothing should be left to chance or else you risk dire consequences.