Best Working Love Spells

Love Spells

Many people wonder if love spells really work and how they can work for them. A love spell is magic that can be used to help fix relationship problems. Love spells are not negative or positive and are not black or white.

Spells can require special ingredients and there are some that don’t use ingredients at all and all they need are words. If you want the spell to work best, talking to a professional spell cater or psychic might be your best bet.

Spell casting is one thing that you can often find when you look at psychic sites. Not every psychic will cast spells but sometimes you can find ones that will use things like a pink candle spell or a full moon spell to help you in your life.

Spells are like other tools though that only point you in a certain direction and you have to take action to make the spell take place and work. Just like a tarot card reading that leads you down the right path, that is what a spell can do.

Love spells have become super popular today and they are used for a variety of reasons such as:

• Marriages.
• Obsession.
• Attraction.
• Commitments.
• Crushes.

There are many love spells that are popular, and they do different things to give people what they want and need in their relationships.

Marriage Spells

Marriage spells can help you to get a proposal from your partner if you aren’t thinking they are ever going to ask you, or they can help to make your marriage better.

Doing a Marriage Spell

There are many marriage spells with the most popular being a “Beginner Marriage Spell,” that uses a plant that has white flowers. This spell is a spell that requires you to grow a plant and then drink the flowers in tea.

Obsession Spells

Obsession spells have a negative outlook because many believe that this takes away a persons free-will. If you are desperate for someone to fall in love with you, you can use a photo spell to make this happen.

Doing an Obsession Spell

This spell requires a picture of you and your crush and a candle, usually a red one. You also use a pen and paper to write down the names of you and your partner and then you burn it with the candle. This works best at midnight.

Attraction Spell

Attraction spells are used with the Law of Attraction to have someone think of you and want to be around you.

Doing an Attraction Spell

You can do this spell during the lunar cycle first if you want love to become attracted to you. Do this when the moon is growing. This spell needs a small sachet, a piece of paper with the spell written on it, a coin, or a crystal or whatever fits your intention. Then you will sleep with the sachet under your pillow for seven nights.

Crush Spells

Crush spells can be done for someone that knows that you have a crush or someone that doesn’t know. You can use a bathtub to make the crush grow closer to you.

Doing a Crush Spell

You will need to fill the tub with water, a glass of milk, rose petals, essential oils and use a rose crystal, and a pink candle for each corner of your bathtub. Put all the things in the water but the candle and get into the tub and relax and think about how you would feel if you were with your crush. After the bath, take out the rose petals and put them on a small plate inside the sachet.

Commitment Spells

Sometimes people stop being committed and you will want this commitment to grow stronger. You might want them to propose to marry you or if you are married, you want your relationship to be stronger.

Doing a Commitment Spell

This is a no-ingredient spell. This works best on a Friday or during a full moon. You need to find somewhere comfortable to be and clear your mind. Think about the person that you are with and what you would feel like long-term with this person. Imagine how you would feel if they committed to you. Do this every full moon for a month.

Honey Jar Spell

Honey Jar Spells are there to make the love that you have sweeter for you. You might not use this if you want to find a new partner but only if you want to make your love stronger or better.

Doing a Honey Jar Spell

In order to make this spell work, write the name of your partner or of your crush 3 times on a piece of paper. Write down what you want to get out of the relationship and be detailed.

Fold the paper three times and put it in the honey. Mix the paper and the honey together and then take out the spoon and put it in a cup of tea. Drink your tea and say, “You’re sweet to me like honey tea.”

You then put the lid on the jar and put it where no one will be able to find it, it would work best if you put it by a flowering plant.

Pink Candle Spells

Pink Candle spells are often used by witches and is considered white magic. This can help to make your relationship stronger and help you to have a better connection.

Doing a Pink Candle Spell

Take a new pink candle and light it. Take paper and write the name of your crush or partner and then your name and circle them together. Close your eyes and think about you as a couple and how passionate you will be with each other.

Open your eyes and say, “We are together as one soul. We are united by love.” Then burn the names in the pink candle and do this for seven nights.

Photo Love Spells

One of the most popular ingredients in a love spell is a picture. This can help to bring back an ex or can be a binding spell.

Doing a Photo Love Spell

Wait until midnight to make it more powerful. Sit in a dark room and put the picture of your partner or crush close to you. Put the pink candle behind the picture and light it and make sure it is the only light in the room.

Write down this chant, “We hug, and kiss and we live our best romantic life.” Burn the paper with the candle and when there is no smoke left the spell is done.

Paper Love Spells

This is an easy love spell, and you just need a candle, paper, and pen. This can attract the best partner in your life.

Doing a Paper Love Spell

Light the new pink or red candle and put rosemary incense into it. Write down what you want out of a perfect partner for you and then write down how you want to meet this person. Be as detailed as you can.

Burn the paper and as it burns imagine how happy you would be with this partner in your life.

Rose Love Spells

Rose love spells are often used as rituals. This is one that won’t work right away but it can make your relationship romantic.

Doing Rose Love Spells

Put water in the tub and put rose quartz and put the rose petals in the bath. Put a pink or red candle on each of the corners of the tub. Get in the bath and relax and think of your soulmate coming to you.

When you get out of the tub, gather the petals, and put them in a bowl close to your bed while you are sleeping.

Where Did Love Spells Come From?

Love spells have been around since 2200 BCE. They were mentioned in the East, and this is a time that spell casting was also coming into popularity in Ancient Egypt. The love spells took places in Germany, Britain, Rome, Greece and other places and they were known often in Renaissance art.

In the past few years, love spells became more popular, and books and songs were written about love potions and love spells. There have also been movies and shows that were produced that made witchcraft more popular.

Even though most television shows are fake, if you want to do a love spell you can talk to a psychic to help you.

When Should You Use a Love Spell?

Use a love spell if you need someone to propose to you faster or if you are having problems in your current relationship. You can also use them to help you find a new relationship or to rekindle a relationship with your ex.

Relationships don’t always last though and sometimes people will end a relationship, or the partner will cheat. You can use the spell to bring romance back into your relationship and to help improve sex life.

Here are some other reasons to use a love spell:

  • Get your ex back: Most relationship end for some reason like a misunderstanding. If there can still be a connection, you can use a love spell to bring love back into the relationship.
  • To get revenge: This is a spell that you can use to get back at someone that has wronged you. It can make you look more attractive.

How to Cast Love Spells

There are right and wrong ways to do love spells and you need to make sure that you follow the directions perfectly or talk to a psychic that knows how to cast spells. You need to make sure that you follow the directions so that the spelling can be more effective. Here are some other ways to make the love spell work better:

  • Research: Make sure that you know the ingredients and what you should do to make the spell work. This can be a certain time of day, a certain day or even during a full moon. You can talk to a psychic before you ever plan a spell.
  • Clear mind and heart: It is important that you have a clear mind and heart to help make the spelling more effective. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke before doing a ritual.
  • Believe: You must believe with your whole heart that the spell will work.
  • Be realistic: Make sure that you aren’t setting expectations that are too high that will leave you disappointed. You might want to try different spellings if one doesn’t work.
  • Follow ethics: There are certain ethics you should follow when doing a love spell such as not using black magic.

Skilled Spell Casters

Love spells have been around for years and years and when you want to find a soulmate or when you want to make your love stronger, you might want to find a skilled spell caster to help you make this happen.

You need to set goals to build a happy relationship and make sure that you talk to your spell caster about just what you really want. A skilled spell caster will know how to make sure that you aren’t using black magic that can come back to you in a negative way.

Make sure that you have strong intentions and that you are keeping your energies strong, and your goals set right. Using a skilled spell caster will save you time and energy in the end. You can find a skilled spell caster online and you can find ones that work on different websites. If you aren’t sure, make sure that you find a site that has great customer reviews and that is a top site.

Consider a site that offers free minutes for readings and ones that have satisfaction guarantees. Here are some of the top-rated sites:

  • Nebula: Offers $14.00 in credits for a new client.
  • Purple Garden: Has a $0.99 cent per minute rate for new clients and a 5-minute free reading.
  • Kasamba: They have a free, 3-minute reading and a 50% discount for your first reading.
  • Keen: Free, 3-minute reading and has a free mobile app.
  • MysticSense: They have a free, 5-minute reading after you deposit $10 into your account.
  • California Psychics: Have a $1.00 per minute reading for new clients.
  • Oranum: Gives you up to 10,000 coins when you register on their site.
  • AskNow: Offer a 20-minute reading for $20, a 30-minute reading for $30.00.

Can Love Spells Be Dangerous?

Love spells are there to help you attract love and if they are done right, they can be very powerful. You want to make sure that you have pure intentions, and you aren’t trying to cast a negative spell or harm anyone.

You also need to know what you are doing if you want the spell to work. You need to make sure that the spell isn’t going to have bad consequences for you or the person you are casting it on. Love spells can go wrong and that is why you can find a professional spell caster and you will have less worries.

Backward Spells

If you have a crush on someone and they don’t know that you have a crush on them or you don’t even speak to that person, the attraction can be there, but the spell can backfire. It can cause the person to stop noticing you or to even hate you.


You never want a spell to become an obsession. Since spells are powerful, you need to make sure it is done right and that it becomes an attraction and not an obsession.


You never want to become dependent on love spells, but you need to grow the love that you have for yourself. Make sure that you are happy with who you are before you ever try to find love.

Mental Issues

Some spelling can backfire and can cause you to have mental issues. You don’t want to have insomnia, trust issues, intrusive thoughts or other things that can go wrong with a backfiring love spell.

Other Spells

Sometimes a spell is done right but someone else has already cast a spell on that person. When this happens, it can cause the spell that you have made to backfire or cause the person to become worried or stressed. You aren’t responsible for the other spell, but both of these spells together can become negative.

Love Spell FAQs

Here are some popular love spell questions:

  • Do love spells work? Yes. Some love spells can work and if you have someone experienced doing it, it might work better.
  • How can you choose the right spelling? Make sure that you find one that is reliable and one that has the goal for what you want.
  • Can you do your own spells at home? Yes. Some of the most popular love spells can be done right at home with little or no ingredients.
  • What is candle magic? Candle magic is when you use candles to make magic stronger.
  • What is a honey jar spell? A spell to make your relationship sweeter.
  • How long do love spells last? Love spells don’t have a real expiration date.
  • Where can you find good love spells? You can find love spells on popular websites that we listed above.
  • Can love spells backfire? Yes. You need to make sure that you are doing the love spells right.
  • Can you break love spells? Love spells can be broken but this isn’t as easy as casting a love spell. This is why you need to be careful on the spells that you cast.

Final Thoughts

Love spells are considered to be pagan, and you don’t need to belong to any religion or be a witch to cast a love spell. You can cast your own spell doing witchcraft. You might decide though that you aren’t talented enough to do this and so you might want to find someone that can cast a spell for you.

Relationship spells are often popular with psychic readings. If you really want to do a love spell, then you can try to talk to a psychic on one of the top sites. They are there usually 24/7 and can answer all of your questions. Talk to a professional love spell caster and get your relationship moving upwards.