A modern guide on how to cast love spells

A modern guide on how to cast love spells

A modern guide on how to cast love spellsBelow are the dos and don’ts when it comes to spell casting:

  1. DO: Believe that your spell will work.

The foundation of any spell is your magical intention. If you trust your spell will not work, then it won’t work. It is very important to trust your will if you want to make any change not only within spell-casting but in life generally. Individuals transform the world with their ideas daily. Your thoughts are powerful kinds of energy. Positive thoughts bring abundance while negative thoughts bring scarcity. You are wasting your time if you cast a spell you don’t trust you can manifest.

  1. DON’T: Have unrealistic expectations

You can both take charge of how your expectation will yield and trust your spell casting practice as well. It’s quite unfortunate that love spells can either change a frog to a prince or make your celebrity crush fall in love with you. You need to have a strong connection with the person you are casting your spell on. You shouldn’t, therefore, try to change who they are or how they feel. Rather, you should focus on strengthening your relationship with them.

Do not forget that a person unavailable in one realm can’t be there in other realms.

  1. DO: Research correspondences

Spells are connected through patterns. The saying that a whole can be represented by a part and that we can link our practices with the wider workings of the universe.

Take time and think about the best correspondences that suit your needs if you want to discover the best route to take when manifesting your intentions. Explore the offerings of each lunation if you are drawn to moon cycles.

  1. DON’T: Be vague

The universe doesn’t play games like your exes. It goes straight to the point, so when casting spells, you have to make your intentions clear. Spells are a conduit for energy, therefore, your results are bound to be imprecise if your spell is based on generalization.

  1. DO: Be present

Do not be surprised when you finally feel the vibrations you are projecting. This is because, when casting your spell, you will be channeling a great amount of energy. You’ll also be more responsive to subtle shifts within your environment such as movements, temperatures and sounds due to your senses being heightened.

Remember that it’s not possible to remain in this heightened energetic state for long so don’t worry if it disappears after casting your spell. Also, remember that some spells are realized overnight while others take time to ripen. In any case, one needs to be alert.

  1. DON’T: Be obsessed over the outcome of your spell

There is a thin line that separates awareness and compulsion. After discovering your magical intention, it will reach its destination through the best route available. However, the route won’t necessarily be fast. Give the universe space and time to do its thing. Although your vitality can bypass obstacles.

  1. DO; Remember the law of threefold return

Take the law of threefold into consideration when collecting and directing energy. Anything you put out to the world be it positive or negative will be brought back to you thrice. There is no greater power than light at the end of the day. The spells which are rooted in empathy, kindness, and compassion are the most effective.


  1. I appreciate the structured dos and don’ts, it makes the guide quite practical for beginners. However, more scientific insights on how energy transformation works could be added to support these claims. The idea of focusing on correspondences and patterns piqued my interest.

  2. Interesting perspective on spell casting, especially the notion of the law of threefold. The analogy with the universe is a bit vague, though. Would be great to have more concrete examples or case studies.

  3. The concept of not having unrealistic expectations is applicable beyond spell casting. It’s a sound advice for life in general. The caution about vague intentions is noteworthy, though it could benefit from elaboration on how to frame clear intentions effectively.

  4. The emphasis on believ and intent is quite fundamental to many spiritual practices. However, the article could have included examples of different types of spells to better illustrate the points made. The connection between thoughts and energies is indeed vital.

  5. The article is decent in terms of laying down the basics. However, its missing depth in explaining how these principles have worked historically or culturally. The point about the law of threefold return is intriguing but would need further explanation for a more comprehensive understanding.

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