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You shouldn’t direct a love spell at a specific someone. Here’s why:

You shouldn’t direct a love spell at a specific someone. Here’s whyAs tempting as it may be, you should never, not ever direct a love spell towards a specific someone.  It is an unethical use of magic and it can and probably will backfire.

Consider for a moment how well you know the person. If you are in the infatuation stage of romance, you probably don’t want to think about a time when you will be less than enchanted with them.   If you are swooning from  afar, it’s hard to see how you will view them from a closer vista.

If that is hard for you to imagine, here’s a few examples:

Consider that the rule of magic decrees that everything that you send out comes back in some way or another. This also applies to love spells.  When you send out the energy required for this spell, it comes back to you.   So, if your spell works, both people are connected in an unnatural way.  It doesn’t take to much reasoning to realize that you can easily slip into a toxic relationship.   Getting involved in a relationship that deprives someone of their free will, as you did when you cast your spell, almost always ends in disaster.

This is not the only way a spell of this kind can go awry.  Think of it, someone falls madly in love with you, seemingly out of the blue. Now they are so infatuated with you that they are hanging on your every word and just generally being near you.  Well, guess what, this kind of attention can be off-putting.   So now you have to deal with a love-sick partner who may or may not be putting themselves between you and a healthy relationship.

If you are still not convinced, here is yet another way that a spell can backfire.

Your spell doesn’t completely work. The one you adore doesn’t fall for you.  Now what? The energy is still out there and even if you are not in a romance relationship, you will both always feel that something is missing.  This feeling may last until the spell wears off or is broken. This loose energy can bounce around and interfere with your mood, focus and other relationships.

Here’s what you can do instead to attract love to you.

There is nothing wrong with wanting romance and love.  There are spells you can do that will bring the right energy and condition to draw love to you. The universe will send you the person.  If the person who has caught your eye is meant to be the one for you, the spell will help them come closer.   Even if it doesn’t it just means that there is someone extra special out there for you!

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