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If you are looking for the best online love psychics &  spell casters, look no further! I have compiled a list of reliable and genuine spell casters and light readers that are available online. Just like any other service, always look for readers and spell casters with ratings, reviews, and reliable customer service. When you are able to see the red flags from scammers, you’ll be that much more able to find the genuine spiritual services available to you.
There are thousands of spiritual light workers online today, which can make sorting through all the advertisements quite intimidating. Finding the legitimate light workers among the rest of the noise is why review websites are so important. Read on for more information about common scams you’ll find online and how to avoid them.

How to Spot the Scammers

  • Balanced reviews- a legitimate website or reader won’t have all positive reviews, nor will they have all negative reviews.
  • Contact information- if you can’t contact the spell caster or light reader to ask additional questions, find a different service.
  • A website- some spell casters or light readers won’t have their own website. While this doesn’t mean they aren’t legitimate, it does cut down on how much true information you can gather about them and their services.
  • Good customer service- if they don’t answer your calls or emails, run away! Always look for a light reader or spell caster that has clear methods of contacting you and who will answer your questions quickly and easily.
  • Credit card processing- this requires more validation than companies that work with moneygram or western union for payment. Additionally, make sure that the spell caster or light reader you work with has a transparent payment plan before you hand over any money.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantees- while many websites don’t offer money back guarantees, there are other ways they can help you if you feel unsatisfied with your reading or spell.
  • No negativity- comments about other websites, spiritual practitioners, or spiritual practices should be avoided at all costs. Their own practice shouldn’t be built on the foundation of putting others down.
  • Longevity in business- the reader or spell caster should be able to prove that they have experience in the business; the shorter amount of time they’ve been in business, the more likely they are to be a scam.
  • No unrealistic promises- any website that promises results in 24 hours or immediate effects of the spells they’ve cast is not reliable.
  • Broad range of services, including tarot or psychic readings- the more services a spiritual reader can offer, the more legitimate they probably are. Psychic networks with a broad range of services will also allow you to pick and choose the kinds of spiritual readings you want to experience yourself.
Read on for more information on spell casters and psychic readers that I have personally tried and recommend for getting results.
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