Tips For Letting Go Of Things You Can’t Control


MEDITATE-blog480If you feel struggling to control things that are beyond you, you know how it feels to want to control all aspects of your life but you just can’t. We all must learn to relinquish control when things are beyond our power. There are many techniques to learning to surrender and accept what you simply can’t control.

Identify Exactly Your Fear

The need to keep control is almost always rooted in fear. You know how it goes: you start to imagine how things will go if you don’t stay in control. The fear kicks in, and then so does the wish to stay in control. You want to avoid the horrible ending you’ve envisioned. Once you find what you fear, you can let go of the preservation tactic of control.

Recognize What You Can Control

When you feel your life spiraling away from you, remember that there are some things you can control. Even if it’s something very small, focusing on that aspect of your situation can calm you so you can regain perspective. Then, it becomes easier to relinquish control over things that really aren’t in your hands. Focus on what you personally can do, and how you can make changes. This will help you move beyond feeling like a victim so you’re empowered to act. A psychic reading online can help you pinpoint your strengths.

What Will Be The Outcome if You Let Go

Once you know what’s sparking your fear, stop to question whether that fear is valid. Is your fear true? For example, if you fear that your husband forgetting to pick up spinach will ruin your day, take a moment to think what will happen if you don’t remind him for the tenth time. Will the day really be a disaster, and what’s your definition of disaster anyway?

Be Mindful

Take a deep breath. You feel better, don’t you? Exercise mindfulness to experience life in each moment. It helps you deal with the situation without judgment or criticism. You don’t have to get caught up in feeling unpleasant. Step back, relax, and pay attention to your natural breathing to avoid brooding. A psychic phone reading can help you see a situation clearly. Just being aware of a situation can help you to simplify and figure out how best to act.

Let Gorelaxed-in-grass1

Once you’ve put things into perspective and started to live in the moment, you can take the greatest step of them all. Letting go. Stop fighting with yourself, with the natural order of the world, and what’s meant to happen. There’s not reason to fight reality. If you notice you’re in your mindset of trying to keep control, deliberately and consciously choose to shift your energy into surrendering. Not fighting often leads to better results. Does letting go feel freeing? In almost all cases, it does. Some things are just beyond our control. Once you start to accept this reality, you can let go and accept what’s beyond your control, and in doing so, regain a sense of peace.



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