Making Someone Fall in Love with You

Making Someone Fall in Love with You

Making Someone Fall in Love with YouDo you want to make someone fall in love with you?  You don’t have to have a spell or magic to do this but there are tricks that women have used for years to get men to fall madly in love with them.  With this article, you can learn how to make a man fall in love with you, how to make him want to be married to you and how to make him commit to being yours.

Remember, once you get someone, they won’t leave you alone, so do you really want to love them and them to love you?  Do you want to fall in love with this person?  Are you sure they are worth your time?  Make sure that you trust them and that you have someone that will value you and treat you well and that has good sexual chemistry with you.

IF you have great chemistry together then you will want him to fall in love with you and there are some steps you can take to get him there.


The first step is to be mysterious.  Men love mysteries and they want to feel like they have to chase something to get it.  A man thinks about little when it comes to detail and he feels that if the chase was too easy that he has lost the prize.  You have to keep some things for yourself and be independent.  Hang out with other girls and friends.

Make sure that you don’t share everything about yourself and you keep some privacy.  Keep your regular routines and hobbies and don’t share too much at once with him.

Give him a mysterious smile and don’t tell him everything because he will want to know more.  Being mysterious doesn’t mean being guarded, it means that you share important things but keep little details to yourself so that he has to work to figure it out.  He will always want to run to you and conquer you.

Don’t Be at His Call

Don’t always work hard to win him over.  Give him room.  If he wants to chase you then he will.  Don’t go on dates but just hang out at home.  Stop calling him pet names and stop being only with him.  You have to hang out with other people and stop calling him all the time.

When you pull back, you give him a chance to chase you.  You will trigger something in him and make him desire you and fall for you.  Start spending more time with your family and friends and doing things that make you happy.  Find good hobbies and allow yourself to learn and grow.  Live your life because men don’t know what they are missing until you aren’t there.

Be Sexy

When you have dated someone for a while you sometimes stop cleaning up and being sexy.  Sex is a huge deal and it is part of a successful relationship.  Being sexy is important to a guy and when you are hot, the relationship is more attractive.

If your sex life has gone down, you need to heat things up.  Look sexy and be dressed up and fresh.  Don’t wear things that make you look frumpy or unkempt.  Be spontaneous and set off fireworks in the relationship.  Tease him and be naughty.

Making a guy fall in love isn’t a spell or magic, it just takes some time and effort to entice him.  He won’t know what hits him if you do it right.


  1. By reading this article, it appears the human psyche is being reduced to a set of manipulative tricks. Relationships are based on genuine connections not on playing games or setting traps. This advice might backfire.

  2. There seems to be a focus on external appearance and behaviors, though it lacks emphasis on building genuine emotional intimacy. Dressing up and being mysterious might work temporarily but sustainable relationships are built on transparency and mutual understanding.

  3. While the article provides some intriguing insights, the overall approach might be too reductionist. The mechanics of attraction and love are far more nuanced and individualistic than what is outlined here. Emotional intelligence and honest communication play crucial roles too.

  4. This article may oversimplify the complexity of human relationships. While it is important to maintain some mystery and independence, the idea of ‘making’ someone fall in love could be problematic. Love involves mutual respect, and understanding not strategies.

  5. Interesting points made about maintaining autonomy within a relationship. However, the structure of the advice given seems quite formulaic. True love transcends beyond tactical maneuvers and relies on deeper emotional and intellectual connections.

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