Learn How to Cast Love Spell and Casts Them Effectively!


psychic spell 2In this article you will learn how to cast love spell and casts them effectively. Spell is a series of incantations and rituals done to create a specific outcome. Spell started with the Ancient Egyptians. It started when they wrote the book called, The Book of The Dead, which tells about incantations and rituals about burying the dead. It was believed that it was done for their dead bodies to be preserved as well the wisdom, knowledge of their pharaohs and queens. It is said that magic, spell casting, medicine, architecture and even technology stems originates from ancient Egyptian civilization.

Spell casting is hard now days because we are so removed from nature.

I like to think of a spell as the music or sound that shapes the earth. In The Bible, God says, “let there be light, and there is light.” We as individuals can do the same thing, but it has gotten a little bit complicated because we no longer understand the mechanics and inner workings of nature. There are have been a lot of movements throughout the last couple of years that have introduced the West to native and traditional practices such as the Chakra System, The Meridian system and rebirth of shamanism and paganism. However, information is very cryptic and difficult to understand for a novice user.

psychic spell 3Casting a spell is like cooking a three-course meal.

I like to tell people that casting a spell is like cooking and preparing a meal. First, you have your basics such as; potatoes, rice, and flour. Then, you have your seasoning, salt, pepper, paprika etc. Then, you need to find the right utensils to cook your food in such as; pots, pans, and saucers. Of course, you need electrical tools to prepare the food, blender, processors, and an electrical knife. And we cannot forget the food itself, we need to make sure that is properly thawed, that it is cooked just right, and the meat is free from bacteria. It sounds like a lot. However, we do it everyday without thinking about it, simply because we understand through time and repetition how to make our favorite meals. The same concept should apply to spell casting.

Spell casting is both and art and a science.

In spells, your basics are herbs, candles, and incantations. Your spices are oils, incense, and flowers, and your tools are brooms, cauldrons, altars, and knives. Naturally, the elements that you use to prepare the foods are fire, to make the food hot, and burn away harmful bacteria. We can also use water in spell casting to add moisture for a more succulent flavor or taste. We can use the earth element of fruits and vegetables, and lastly the earth element of air to freeze or chill our foods so we can eat them at a certain temperature. Now, we understand that we don’t heat up ice cream, because it will melt. We also don’t eat pork chops until they are thawed and properly cooked.

psychic spell 1We’ve learned through experience that there are certain rules and rituals that surround our food preparation and eating habits.

There is a reason why the cauldron is known as the symbol or sigil of the modern witch. It is not because most witches were women. Rather, it was because traditional pagans understood that spell casting consisted of a series of rules and rituals, much like the preparation of a big meal. These spells are rituals that a person must repeat habitually overtime, in order for them to be perfected. So, as you can see, this whole process is very complicated. There are thousands of spells with different variations. This is perhaps why the one size fits all spells don’t tend to work well. You may not be compatible with different forms of energies, herbs, tools, or deities. In essence, the best way to cast a spell is to know yourself. You need to understand which elements of nature you can work closely with, and which deities you resonate with the most. Then, you will be able to design custom spells that meet your needs.