Knowing Your Twin Flame Union

Twin Flame Union

The twin flame connection that you will have been going to be one of the most important things that you will go through. Even though it is great and there is great purpose behind it, know that there will be lessons that come with it as well. Even though this is a magical and exciting connection, some people will wish this connection wasn’t happening.

Understanding a Twin Flame

A twin flame union is something that people don’t always talk about. This is a part of your relationship cycle that is the other part of your soul. This is someone that will connect with you on a soul level, and it will be deeper than any other relationship that you have ever had. This is the other half of your soul, and you will possibly get the chance to meet this person in this lifetime.

The twin flames are the other part of your soul, and they are in their own body. There are two souls that are put together at the beginning and as the soul breaks in two, one goes one way and one the other. When you become one again, you will be familiar with one another, and you will have someone that you love unconditionally.

What Happens When You Meet Your Twin Flame?

There are some things that can happen when you meet your twin flame:

  • Strong connection.
  • The connection will be instant and intense.
  • They will play a role in your life.
  • They show you how to be kind and loving.
  • You can reach into their energy.
  • You can read their thoughts.
  • One twin will be more mature.
  • There will be honesty.
  • There will be no mind games.
  • You will grow spiritually together.
  • They won’t try to change you.
  • There is a strong bond that you will have.

Once you meet your twin flames, you will be on a journey that lasts forever. This will be something that you cannot live without once you find it.

Tarot Cards and Twin Flames

If you get a tarot card reading and you get the Two of Cups, it can mean that you are going to meet your twin flame. It can mean that you have a special bond with this person and that you are going to meet them soon. Another card to look for is the Six of Cups.

Six of Cups and Twin Flames

The twin flames are ones that will have lived many lifetimes. The Six of Cups is there to bring back memories and to help you to find the right direction in your life.

The Two of Cups with this combination can mean that you are going to meet your twin flames and you will know them because you have a strong connection, and you have similar thoughts. There will be a balance between you two and the universe will make sure that the time is right.

Choosing to Walk Away from a Twin Flame Union

Some twin flame unions are going to be hard, and they won’t be like any of your other relationships. This should be a relationship that is based on peace and love. The soul will go through many different steps in this journey and sometimes a twin flame will walk away from you so that they can heal from their past.

When you meet them after a time, it is so that you can heal as well. The universe wants you to be totally ready for this union no matter if it is big or small.

Twin Flame and Karmic Bonds

A twin flame union is not the same as a karmic bond. A karmic bond is something that comes and causes you a lot of pain and emotions. With your twin flame union, it is meant to bring you peace and to make you a better person.

The karmic bond is one that will cause you to feel manipulated and will not make you feel safe and loved. You will also have a connection that is meant to teach you a lesson and this could be a lesson that you have to work on who you are. You might even have to do some kind of shadow work.

A karmic bond is one that is a relationship that can be hurtful and hard no matter what you go through.

Testing Your Twin Flame Bond

You can look at your twin flame bond and see if you are the ones that are meant to be together. Ask them how they tolerate you and if they treat you with respect and dignity. If this isn’t happening, then it probably is a karmic bond and not your twin flame.

Can Karmic Bonds Work?

Sometimes people stay together in karmic bonds but most of the time people in these kinds of relationships break up and they don’t make it. They will be very intense relationships and will often make you feel that you are messing up and aren’t doing the right things.

You might think that this is a good relationship but as you stay in it, you will see that it brings you nothing but pain and hurt.

A twin flame relationship is different, and it should be something that is amazing and great. You will be happy about your relationship after the hard times leave and you will see that they will bring you joy and extreme peace into your life. You will have the expectations that you should have, and you will see that this relationship is full of love and wisdom and that your twin flame is very real and true for you.