Knowing Your Psychic Gifts

Knowing Your Psychic Gifts

Some people believe that they just wake up with these superpowers and that is where being a psychic comes from.  The truth is that when a person has psychic abilities that it does not mean that they can see into the future.  There are different gifts that psychics have, and they have to keep practicing these gifts to make them stronger.

Not everyone has highly accessible gifts and some people will only have different signs and abilities, and these are their gifts.  There are four types of gifts that many people share but they will get their information in different ways.  Just like you get information, your psychic gifts will be in different categories.


Being clairvoyant means that you can see things without your eyes.  This is not like a movie but is more like a sign or a pattern that comes when you close your eyes.

You will be able to visualize things differently like having an imaginary friend or a vivid dream.  This is a gift that allows people to see how things fit together without having an instruction manual.  Some people call it having a human gps.


Clairaudience is being able to hear without your ears.  It can be a song that comes from beyond or voices that you can hear in your mind.  In these voices come messages such as maybe hearing happy birthday in your mind and then later finding out it is their birthday.

You may have the gift of hearing ringing in you hears or being able to hear the thoughts of animals.  You might pet a dog and then hear animals fighting and come out a few hours later and you see two dogs fighting.


Clairsentience is when you feel things and know things without anyone telling you why.  You feel messages in your emotions, and you have strong intuition.

You might get strong feelings in your gut about someone and you can see the emotions of others without even being by them.  When you close your eyes, chances are that you will sense if someone is happy or if something is wrong with them.  You can feel their energy when they come by you.

You might even go as far as getting tingling feelings when someone hugs you because they might have strong negative energies.

If a friend is meeting a new guy, you can tell by looking at a picture if the relationship will work out or not.


Claircognizance is when you know something without someone telling you.  There are not facts to support it and it is just something that seems to pop up in your mind.  You seem to just know what is happening and you don’t have a reason to explain why.  You also might be able to tell when someone is lying.

If you are driving, you might tell the people in the car to buckle their seat belt and then come close to getting into a car accident.  You never really know how you know things; you just know them.


All of these psychic gifts are different and each person can hear, see, sense and know things differently depending on their gifts.


  1. Psychic abilities, if they indeed exist as described, offer a compelling framework for understanding certain human experiences that defy conventional explanation. Nevertheless, further research is required to substantiate these claims.

    • I concur with your assessment. While anecdotal evidence provides interesting insights, rigorous scientific scrutiny is indispensable.

    • Agree completely. It is imperative to approach these topics with a blend of open-mindedness and critical analysis to discern truth from conjecture.

  2. It is remarkable how these abilities, clairaudience and clairsentience for instance, manifest differently in differnt individuals. However, it would be intriguing to explore scientific explanations behind these phenomena.

  3. The distinctions between the different psychic abilities presented in the article is enlightening. I’ve always wondered how these gifts were categorized.

  4. While I appreciate the explanations offered, I must admit I remain skeptical of the veracity of such psychic claims. More empirical evidence would be beneficial to validate these experiences.

  5. I find the concept of clairvoyance particularly fascinating. It is akin to visualizing solution without explicit instructions, similar to innate problem-solving skills seen in some highly intelligent individuals.

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