Is He Cheating?

Is He Cheating?

Relationships are both up and down but if you think your partner is cheating, you need to find out. Many adults have affairs, and it is said that almost everyone will have an affair in their life.

Cheating affects people and if you are concerned about your relationship, chances are that you are facing hard times and that you are feeling insecure. Do you feel that your partner might be cheating on you?  Here are some signs to look for:


If you think your partner is cheating, you need to listen to your gut feeling. Chances are that you might be wrong but if you have a hunch, it is usually right. Maybe he is acting unusual, and you can feel it.

Changing Phone Usage

Having a phone means that you can contact people easier. This means that you can have an affair easier without being caught. If you find that your partner has changed their email or if they have a second phone, this is a sure sign he is cheating.

Of course, he could have a second phone for work, and if that is the case then that is differently. But if his behavior is changing then this could be a sign. He might be sending people texts that he wants to be with, find out if he is betraying you.

Your Friends Know

Your friends will be some of the first people to notice when something isn’t right. Pay attention to what they are saying to you. Cheaters have a way of hiding things from their partner but if your partner is acting guilty, something is up.

If you are going through a hard time, or if your friends notice something is different, there might be cheating going on. If he is changing what he is doing each day and if he is getting back later than normal, pay attention.

You Don’t Get Invited

You used to get invited to all of his work parties and he would ask you to come and have a drink at the bar with his friends. Now you aren’t being invited. The truth is that some companies aren’t allowing people to come anymore because they are cutting back, but it could also be because he has someone special at work.

Showing Too Much Attention

He spends more time with you than you are used to, and he is bringing you gifts and bragging on you. Or he spends time doing chores around the house that he hadn’t done for a long time.  This could be that he is having an affair and he is trying to make up for it.

He Says You Are Cheating

He comes home and accuses you of cheating or seeing someone else. According to statistics, men cheat more than women. If you are dealing with hard times in your relationship, he might be suspicious that you are cheating but if he is blaming you, chances are he is doing it himself.

He is Changed

He has changed the way that he dresses, the things that he watches and the things that he does. This could be that he is just trying to impress you, or he is trying to experience new things because he wants to find something his new partner might like.

He is Great in Bed

If your husband is all of a sudden trying new things in bed or he is changing the way he has sex, it could be because someone is teaching him new tricks in the sack.

Communication is Lacking

He is no longer interested in talking to you and he doesn’t take time to have a conversation. He basically just answers yes or no and that is all. It could be that he is worried or stressed but it could be because he is sharing everything with someone else.


If your husband comes home after a late day at work, he could be having an affair. This could show that he is up to something after work, and he has to get the scent off of himself before he gets close to you.

Why They Cheat

People cheat because they have low self-esteem or because they just aren’t happy. When someone has low levels of self-esteem, they might want to fix it by finding a new relationship.

This can also be problems that you are struggling with in your relationship. Maybe they are wanting more attention at home, and you just aren’t giving them what they need.

When to Bring up Cheating

You need to bring up cheating as fast as you can. Talk to him once you see the signs and once you feel concerned. You need to have a conversation as soon as you suspect anything.

Can Therapy Help?

Getting therapy can help with cheating. This can help you to discuss the problems you are having in your relationship. If you feel that there is cheating, talk to someone that can help you.