How Long Does It Take a Love Spell to Work Out?

How Long Does It Take a Love Spell to Work Out?

If you are a wiccan, chances are you have cast some spells such as sleeping spells, love spells, anxiety spells and other spells and sometimes you might wonder how long it takes a love spell to work. This is a question that is often asked when doing spell work.


A spell is something that is a wish that is being expressed to the universe. This focuses on energies and works with actions and words to make the energy happen. This can be a spiritual or emotional thing with the world and can focus on what you want which can change the energies in your reality. This ultimately can turn your wishes into reality.

Spells happen in different cultures and forms, but the idea of the spell is always the same. This can be as simple as leaving a tooth for the tooth fairy or wishing on a shooting star. You might believe in the tooth fairy and this can cause it to happen but if you don’t believe, the tooth fairy will no longer come, and you will not see the magic to work.

How Long It Takes

The question of how long a spell takes really depends on what kind of spell that you are casting. Some will take affect right away while others take months or even years to work. A honey jar spell, for example, will take months or years to work while some spells can work in 28 days or less.

A spell sometimes has to be completed over again and sometimes you have to burn a complete candle which can take up to seven or more days. These spells have a time frame, and you should see results after the time is up.

When you cast a spell, it is important to know that they take different amounts of work. Some have to be repeated over and over again and some are important to fix things in your life. Maybe you want to manifest something to your life, and you will cast a spell that will have a different ending than you expected.

The spell might have worked but the results that happened might have disappointed you. Magic spells have different energy manifestations, and you cannot have a spell that hurts someone else and expect it to work.

If you love someone, you can encourage them through spells to love you back, but you cannot force them into a relationship or something they don’t want. This is dangerous and can interfere with the Law of Threefold which says that it will come back to you three-fold.

Is the Spell Working?

If you want to know if the spell is working, you need to pay attention. This can be hard to know because the feelings and affection that someone has to you might look different than you expect it to.

Love spells involve other people and if their feelings haven’t changed or if they have, it is hard to tell a difference sometimes. Sometimes a love spell might cause someone to have stronger feelings for you but they might not act different and so you never know that the spell worked unless they tell you.

This can cause you to question a spell and wonder if it is working because you do not see it in your everyday things you do in your life. If the spell is powerful, it is likely to work but if you doubt it, chances are that it won’t work. You have to stay positive and call good energy to yourself to have the spell work.

Signs a Love Spell is Working

Here are some ways you can tell if a love spell is working:

  • You are calm after you cast a spell and you feel power coming or leaving you.
  • A person that casts the spell on is giving you more attention such as calling you or looking at you differently.
  • Other people are talking about the person that you cast the spell on and mention how they are being different and more positive towards you.
  • You feel happy about your situation and you feel more attractive.

Tips on Love Spells

You need to keep a journal of the spells you cast and the reactions you get so that you can compare your notes and see if the spell is working. You should write down all of the things that seem to change and write down if you are happy.

Things can be confusing sometimes and when you write things down, chances are that you will understand the situation more.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

Do you feel that you have cast a spell, and nothing is happening? Do you feel unsuccessful over the spell? Chances are the person that you cast the spell on did not realize the spell was for them and you missed seeing the results that you wanted to see.

If you feel that you didn’t get the results that you wanted, you might need to cast the spell again. If you believe the spell had no impact at all, you might not have used the spell right and you might have not set your intentions highly.

Did you use the right ingredients, and did you blow them out instead of snuffing the candle? Did you believe the results would be successful or did you doubt?

There are different things that can go wrong when you cast a spell and you have to make sure you follow it to the “t” to make sure that it works.

If you feel that your spells are never getting results, you need to figure out what you are missing and what you are expecting.

Life is strange sometimes and when you are manifesting something in your life, you might not get immediate results and when you do, you might miss them.

Since you had success once, you expect the same thing to always happen and when it doesn’t, you feel that you failed. If you have cast a spell that worked and then the next one didn’t, this can be because of the energy you are emitting, and it can cause your spell to be different.

When you work on your spell, you have to remember that the magic is there and not in an object. You cannot change the object, but you can change the way that the energy flows.

You cannot expect a spell to change someone or to make them act a way that they do not want to because of free will. You cannot expect the spell to change time and you cannot expect to move something physically. If you have these goals in mind, the spell will not work.

Make sure that you feel positive when you are casting a spell and that you are making good decisions in your spell casting. Meditate before you cast a spell and keep your mental health strong to make your spells keep working.


  1. Love the way the article detailed on how long spells might take to work. Its all about the energy you put in and the belief you hold. However, I found some parts a bit repetitive and not as concise as it could be.

  2. The idea that a love spell’s success might hinge on both your own belief and the other person’s reactions is quite philosophical. It brings to mind questions about the ethics of influencing others feelings through metaphysical means.

  3. I appreciate the article’s focus on the time frame of spells but would have liked more scientific or psychological perspectives on why belief and intention play such crucial roles. The mystical angle is fascinating, but additional empirical context could enhance understanding.

  4. Interesting article. The concept of spells needing specific ingredients and actions to work is reminescent of culinary recipes. Both require precision and belief in the process for successful outcomes.

  5. The notion that spells rely heavily on belief and intention resonates with many cultural and psychological practices. It is intriguing how the article emphasizes the importance of positive energy and maintaining mental health.


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