Clearing Psychic Energy

Clearing Psychic Energy

Clearing Psychic EnergyWhen you are a psychic, your energy will make you sensitive to the negative energy around you.  People that are intuitive will face with the challenge of fighting off negative energy and it can be harder for you to stay away from this energy than staying away from your favorite food.

Negative energy can drain you and make you unbalanced.  It can be hard to deal with.  Take a deep breath and learn how to clean your psychic energy.

Cleaning Your Energy

When you want to get rid of negative energy, you have to realize why it is there.

Have you ever felt exhausted after going by someone or wanted to lock yourself in your room because you have too many emotions?  Have you ever been upset for no reason or felt like you needed to avoid a certain activity or situation that you used to love?  Have you been sick recently?

There are many symptoms that point to negative energy, but you have to use your intuitive state to help you see it.

If you feel these things, chances are that you need to figure out how to rid yourself of your negative energy and you can do this many ways.


You need to focus on what your intentions are, and these are important to know before you can clean your psychic energy.

There are other techniques that you can do to make sure that you clean your energy and there is never an exact way to do this.  You need to do what feels right to make sure your energy is pure.


Reiki or other healings can help you to get rid of your negative energy.  You can meditate or use Reiki which is a technique that gets rid of stress.  There are other things that you can do to get your cleansing such as hypnotherapy, reflexology, Emotional Freedom, Polarity therapy, acupuncture or more.


You need to remove drama from your life, so you don’t feel so anxious and stressed.


You need to get in touch with your intuition so that it can guide you in the right direction.  If you feel like something is wrong, don’t do it.  The higher powers are giving you insight and you need to trust your intuition.

Be Happy

Being happy is important and even though life is not always great, being happy can give you healthy energy and be strengthening for your soul.  Being thankful can raise your vibrations and there is no right way to do this.

Make sure you surround yourself with beauty and find joy, smile and be around people you love.  Do something that guarantees that you will be happy and that you have positive psychic energy.

The way to be joyful is to do things that can make you feel better.  Find a program or a teaching to help you get positive vibes.


Use essential oils and a diffuser or candles to make you feel better.  If you smell something that reminds you of a specific place in your life and brought on feelings of joy or relaxation, this can get rid of your negative energies.

Use lavender, rose, patchouli or frankincense or try to blend them together by adding different oils in your diffuser.  There are different diffusers that you can use.


Crystals can get rid of negative energy.  Keep the crystals on you because not only are they pretty, they can take away your negative energy.

One of the best is the black tourmaline.  This can help to protect you and keep you feeling good.  Other crystals are Apache tears, Amethyst, Snowflake, Black Obsidian and Smoky Quartz.

White Light

Use white light to surround yourself with energy.  This is like armor for your body.  Use a cleansing and then put your body in white light.


Imagine that you are surrounded by mirrors and let the negative energy bounce off of you to something else.

Salt Lamp

Get a Himalayan salt lamp and use it to change the energy.  This not only takes away negative energy but also gives a soothing feel and a comfortable light.  The positive ions can help you to feel better and can make you feel positive.


Burn sage because it helps to cleanse people and energies.  You can use a smudge stick or a spray and cleanse the area around you.

Use a sage spray or burn sage.

White Candles

Try to burn 9 white candles.  You can use tea lights.  Light each one and let them burn until they burn out on their own.


Play music that has high vibrations because it can take away the negative energy.  This can raise your vibrations and give you more energy and uplift your mood.  There is no right way to do this.


You can cleanse your aura by taking an aura bath or a soak.  There are other ways to do this and doing this can make you happier.

Cleaning Your Psychic Energy

When you have negative energy, it can make you feel bad.  Use essential oils, music, crystals or other things to tap into your intuition.  Using these techniques or combining them can give you positive energy and take away your negative feelings.


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