The Benefits of Love Crystal


Couple Hugging at Beach ca. 2000

The universe is built on the foundation of LOVE. It is our utmost priority and indeed has the most powerful energy of all. Using your love crystal can help you create positive and sacred relationships. They can also help break down many obstacles of our relationship—whether if the barrier is from our past horrible experiences, exceeding expectations, lack of self-esteem or even fear from hurting or even losing someone. By using a personal love crystal, it will open your heart to invite more love energy into your life.

Your love crystal can help you overcome the two greatest, yet simplest obstacles of all: loving yourself and your ability to love. Unless you fully love yourself, have self-esteem and have self-worth, it is hard to attract someone who truly loves and respects you. You just won’t be giving out the right “vibes” and you want to attract someone who is deserving of your love. Regarding the ability to love, can you open your heart? In order to have a lover, you need to be a lover. Your love crystal will help to open your heart while attracting a little relationship luck, if you will.

There are many different love crystals — think pink and green stones. When choosing which of the crystals for love is right for you, you want to choose the one that you feel most drawn to because that one will be the most beneficial for you. Remember that everyone is different, and you must trust your intuition.

We find that the most powerful crystals for love are Rose QuartzMalachiteAventurine and Green Jade.  Rose Quartz is one of our favorite crystals to use for all matters of love. Whether you are looking to attract love, rekindle the romance or heal from a broken heart, Rose Quartz is for you as it is holds the strongest love energy. Malachite is another powerful love crystal as it stimulates and balances the heart chakra. It carries an inspiring and purifying healing energy that opens your heart to all types of love. Both pink and green Aventurine are powerful heart chakra stones. They fill your heart with love, optimism and happiness. Green Jade attracts love, romance and harmonious relationships. It is an abundance stone that also helps to harmonize your heart chakra.

Although not typically thought of as one of the crystals for love, some people also like to use Amethyst as their love crystal. Traditionally, amethyst was exchanged between lovers as a sign of commitment. It is also particularly beneficial for anyone who seems to choose the wrong type of lover in the past, as it diminishes addictive behaviors and tendencies. Amazonite is another love crystal you can use, as it reinforces trust and facilitates clear communication in your relationships.

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When it comes to how to use rose quartz and your other love crystals, we have found that the most powerful way it to meditate with it directly on your heart. When you place your love crystal directly on your heart, the beauty and energy of your crystal speaks to your heart—you will feel its energy immediately. Try doing this visualization with your love crystals to attract the type of love you want to bring into your life.

  1. love crystal 2Before this visualization, be honest and ask yourself what type of love are you truly looking for? Do you truly want to attract a lover? Maybe you want to have a little more, trust, enjoyment and fun in your life. Are you creating the block when it comes to love? Try and sort out exactly what you really want—it may help to write them down.
  2. Lie down in a place where you will not be disturbed and you feel comfortable. Place your love crystal on your heart. Breathe steadily and allow yourself to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.
  3. Now feel a glowing starting in your chest, where your crystal is. Regardless of the color of your crystal, visualize this glow as wonderful pink and green shimmering. Feel this glow extending and expanding outwards into the world. Feel love for all things—all the plants, all the animals, all the people on the Earth. Visualize things that are beautiful to you—majestic trees, gorgeous sunsets, blossoms, sunshine, ocean waves—and feel your heart fill with joy.
  4. Visualize yourself living with the sort of love you wish to attract—whether it is a new relationship, more love in a current one, or fully loving yourself. See yourself happy and love-filled.
  5. When you are ready to come back, ground yourself by closing down your subtle senses. Imagine your heart closing like the petals of a flower. Gently open your eyes, making notes of any revelations you may have had. Remove your love crystal, and cleanse it. Place it in a prominent place in your bedroom, in your sacred space or on your alter.