Attracting a Lover with the Right Spell


Are you tired of feeling that your chance at love left long ago without even a wave good-bye?  A bit of love magic may just help you.

Spells aren’t something to be afraid of. Spells are simply a ritual to directly focus energy into a targeted direction.

Spells can open a door to energy into our lives.  This is a great way to encourage a positive surge of fabulous to wash over you, and of course this may lead you to that next great love in your life.

The following spell will encourage the energy of two people and two hearts to come together:


a candle that’s green

floral scented oil

Something to write with and something to write on.

Green ribbon

A small knife

Create a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Breathe slowly in and out to center yourself then lightly rub oil on the candle, making sure to take in the whole length

Now write a vivid description of the person you would like to have in your life. Make sure you are not describing a specific person as you don’t want to interfere with someone else personal space and energy.

Once you have finished this, write a description of how you will feel in your new relationship. List these emotions and reactions.   Next write down what you can give your new partner and what your relationship can do for the world.

Now review what you have written and select a few words that stand out to you and gently etch them on the candle.

Next, light the candle and let it burn down.  When it has gone out on its own, wrap the candle stub in the paper that, wrapping it closed with the ribbon.  Now put the paper wrapped candle in a safe place.

When you find your new love, re-read your spell and use that energy to celebrate your new romance.

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