A Spell to Reunite Lovers


There is a spell that will bring two parted lovers back together.  It is very simple because it is as old as time itself. Centuries ago, this ritual was performed with tall strands of grass.  Today weuse red ribbon as scarlet is almost always associated with love.  This spell, if done correctly, will make your former love long for you and bring them back to you.   This is a white, or benevolent spell, so focus on the good feelings that your relationship brought you.

The ingredients for this spell are simple:

*a rose quartz crystal

*a white candle

* oil of jasmine

*36 inches of red ribbon

*a pink candle

*a red candle

How to cast this spell:

Over the span of three days, visit a quiet place to meditate. Having anointed your candles with the Oil, place the candles in a triad position with the crystal in the middle.  Twining the  ribbon around your forefinger, recite your lost love’s  s name. Send positive energy out to the flames and picture your love returning to you, letting the candles burn out.

One of the benefits of the reuniting spell is to get rid of the negativity tied up in the lack of communication that is at the core of many damaged relationships. The benefits of using this kind of spell include releasing negative energy that many be around the couple.  Once this energy is gone both partners can see the errors of their ways and work on rebuilding the relationship. In fact, this spell can be used when you notice trouble in your relationship.

There are many spells that can help you strengthen your love.  There are spells for faithfulness, spells for commitment  and spells to remove problems.   These spells help dissolve negative energies so that you can focus on the positive aspect of your relationship.

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