A Spell To Meet Your Love Soulmate


Have You ever wonder if you’re bond to stay single forever? Are you a member of a No-boyfriend-since-birth club? Are you dying to meet the person destined for you? Don’t worry as we have this spell is designed for those who are single and want to attract suitable partner into their life.

For the ritual you will need:

A nice romantic card, a green candle, a lighter

Buy a nice and romantic card, which represents love and being in love with someone. Write down on it all the qualities you wish your dream partner should have.
 Begin one day after the new moon. Every day from the day you start till the second Friday, you will lit the candle and let it shine during whole time of your magic work, then blow it out.
First of all, relax your mind and try to focus on the present moment and on the purpose of your magic activity. Concentrate on the card, on the dream partner you want. Try to feel as strong as possible how it feels to have such a loving partner by your side. You have to feel it as if s/he is right now with you, holding your hand! Then say: “In the name of Venus, the Goddess of love, come to my life!”
Focus on the qualities on the card again, try to meditate about them, ask by the each of the quality “Do I have this …(for example respect)… toward myself?” “What does it mean to have respect toward myself?” …if you have it, that’s good, if not, try to feel this quality toward yourself, find a situation in which you deserve respect, understanding, taking care of. Do this with each quality, one by one. Then finish the ritual and start again on the next day.
On the second Friday, you will burn the card and bury the ashes under a strong and healthy tree with a potential to grow. Forget the spell and await your dream partner.


  1. The ritual presented is certainly unique, and while it might not have scientific grounding, it focuses on personal growth and quality recognition. that, in itself, is valuable.

  2. It appears that this spell could have a psychological benefit by encouraging introspection and the recognition of one’s own value. Yet, the magical aspect remains debatable.

  3. The article proposes a rather interesting ritual, but I’m inclined to question its efficacy. The psychological aspect of self-reflection on qualities like respect is beneficial, nonetheless.

  4. Quite an intricate process described here, Does one really need to go through such lengths to find a partner? The emphasis on self-respect is noteworthy though.

  5. As a scholar, i find the concept of using a ritual for attracting a romantic partner rather fascinating. However, the methodology lack empirical evidence of success.

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