7 Sex-Drive Killers for Women


If you don’t remember the last time you felt like having sex with a partner, you are probably suffering from low sex drive. A number of psychological and physiological factors can have a major impact on your libido. Read on to know more about the seven sex-drive killers.


According to researcher, a good portion of women who are experiencing low libido, also find themselves distracted a good portion of the time they are in the bedroom. They could be worried about their “to-do list” or how their bodies look naked. But an interesting study involving women watching soft-core pornography shows that women can eliminate mental distractions if they focus on erotic imagery. So if you want to increase your chances of achieving orgasm, eliminate all distractions and treat yourself to some porn!

Complex Emotions

Most scientists agree that female arousal depends on more than hormones or attraction. In fact, her emotions, moods and prejudices often come into play. That’s why female libido is much more complex than male libido.

Lack of Sleep

download (5)You probably know how important sleep is to your overall health, but it also plays an important role in your sex life. Lack of sleep is wreaking havoc on your libido, ladies! You should get more sleep and here’s why: Studies suggest that women can gain as much as a 14 percent boost in their libido just by sleeping one extra hour per night. If you think about it, that likely offers more promise than a prescription Viagra for women (if they ever come up with one).



Research suggests that age can play a big role in a woman’s libido.But before you assume that the older a woman is, the less aroused or interested in sex she gets, think again. Researchers at the University of Texas believe that women between the ages of 30 and 50 may have the strongest libido of all women. So if you fit into that age group, get your groove on often. Sex gets better with age!

Not Enough Foreplay

images (19)Some people aren’t getting the message about foreplay and that can be detrimental to the female libido. Think of foreplay as a warmup! You wouldn’t go running without stretching first, so why would you have sex without making sure your partner is fully aroused? Another benefit of having a sexually aroused partner is that they may be more open to trying something kinky than they would be if foreplay wasn’t on your love menu. Never expect a woman’s libido to be self-ignited. Sometimes you have to put just as much work in the pre-show as you do the finale.

 Short Men

According to research done by Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics, women feel sexually attracted to taller men (5’10” and above). On the short side? You may need to make an additional $42,000 per year than your taller competitors. But the good news is, not all women are attracted to taller men. Many women are impressed by more than just height or money! But if you have to work a little harder in the beginning of a relationship, all that work is just going to benefit you in the long run.

86500852_XSYour Figure

Research at the University of Oxford suggests that children born to curvier women tend to me smarter than those boring to their thinner counterparts. Curvier women often have lower cholesterol, fewer instances of heart disease, they live longer, and they experience better sex. Wait, better sex? Yup! The research suggests that curvier women have more testosterone and testosterone may play a role in the female libido. Not blessed with an hourglass figure? Eating a healthy, balanced diet can get your libido revved up too!