13 Most Common Secrets Men Hide From Women


download (10)Did it ever happen to you to think after a big fight with your partner, that there must be quite a few secrets men hide from women? Well, you couldn’t be more right! Just like most women have some dirty little secrets they like to hide from everybody else, you must know that there are a few common secrets men hide from women. They aren’t so gifted at expressing themselves and that’s why they usually prefer not to bring into discussion some sensitive issues. But, that doesn’t mean those secrets don’t exist. Just read on and find out what your partner is hiding from you.

I Love You (He Loves You Not)

If you want to know how a man really feels about you, read his actions. In almost every relationship it is the man who spouts the L-word first, and on some occasions it is used to urge a women to have sex with him sooner.

The Little Things

Surveys suggest that 42 percent of the dings on your car that your guy has blamed on someone else were actually caused by his own carelessness. And in case you were wondering, no, he probably hasn’t changed his sheets for the last two months, according to most polls.

“Need to Know” Basis

Men are rarely completely truthful about their past relationships. Most men will tell you everything they “need” to, and keep the rest to themselves. However, this is not always a bad thing, considering that men do learn from their mistakes.


Financial infidelity is a big topic. Polls suggest that the number-one reason men hide the contents of their inbox is because they don’t want their partner to see the confirmation e-mails for the things they’ve bought. In addition, the majority of men age 18 to 34 who are currently dealing with serious credit issues will not volunteer these problems unless you ask, and even then some will lie.

Blog-pic-Man-protecing-savings-16675913His Paycheck vs. Yours

While men are busy secretly spending their paycheck, they’re likely wishing their women were making a bigger one to compensate for it, according to surveys. There was a time when a man wanted his wife to maintain a small role in the financial health of the household. While many men still want to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex of money-making, over a quarter are secretly wishing their significant other made more than she currently does.

Curiosity Killed the Relationship

Would you really want to know what your guy has been Googling? According to most surveys, you would not! Eighteen percent of all men are actively erasing their logs and recent downloads just to ease their guilty conscience of the incriminating evidence they are leaving behind on their phone or PC.

His Wounds from Childhood

Almost every man harbors bad feelings from his childhood; many of these resulting from interactions with his father. But he’s not going to volunteer that information to his significant other, and even if she asks, he will probably water down the details.

His Happiness

Men know what women like to hear, and try to keep the status quo, regardless of how they really feel about the relationship. Use your Spidey senses ladies, as many men don’t start talking about their unhappiness, until it is already too late.

His Need to Vent

One in 10 men keep secrets about the amount of stuff they’re sharing with a close friend about your relationship. Everything from your sex to your worst habits may be known by his friends, but at least they can keep a secret better than you (theoretically).

He Wants to Get Married

Men fear marriage, like a caveman fears a saber-toothed tiger. However, secretly behind this fear, most men want to find love and commit to it. In fact, in a longitudinal study from the early 2000s, 47 percent of all men felt marriage was “very important,” and 19 percent of bachelors secretly wished they were hitched.

download (11)His Second Life

Surveys suggest that one in 20 men have a secret smart phone. Two-thirds of men choose not to share their PC passwords with their significant other, and of the ones who do, a portion keep a separate e-mail for flirty messages.

He Cheats

According to some surveys, over 50 percent of men have had sex with one other person while in a committed relationship, and nearly 15 percent admit to having relations with five or more. The good news is that he feels guilty about it.

He’s Happier than His Secrets Suggest

And now for the really good news. While all these secrets may give the impression that your relationship is in trouble, a Parade magazine survey suggests that the majority of men are quite happy in their existing relationships. So happy, in fact, that nearly 70% of men “never” think about leaving their wife, which is in contrast to the 50 percent of women who have thought about it more than once.